She Loves It

My wife wasn't a big fan of doggy style, but she said no one had really made her enjoy it and she thought it was too animalistic....then we got together, now she loves it and if she's not riding me, she's bent over waiting for me to slide my **** in her from behind, she loves it and she has a great *** to look at while I'm banging away inside fact, we've been swapping texts and I told her I would like to be screwing her doggy while several couples watched and the guys would be well hung and the women would be stroking them while she watched and some would come over so she could grab a hold of some big meat and stroke it...she said "We can do something about the screwing from behind, but you'll have to take care of the rest" who knows...maybe we'll get an audience is a turn on for her to get ****** from behind while someone watches....tonight she wants it !!!
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2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

I agree, doggie style ******* is hot and intense ! and i love looking at my gf's dynamite shapely sexy *** as i pound into her again and again and again ! cheers !

You need to be sure to give someone else a turn so that you can step back and watch