Im So Horny Right Now

right now at this very moment, i have that submissive part of me that wants to be taken control of. im a switch but right now i want to be the *****. nothing would turn me on more right now than a man dominating me completely. he would have me suck him until he was ready to take my ***. then he tells to bend over and grabs my hips while he glides his big hard **** deep inside me. thrusting as deep as he can until he releases his hot *** inside me and is satisfied.
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36-40, M
1 Response Jan 11, 2013

I usually am not submissive at all but sometimes I have submitted exactly like you describe and have loved it. I sometimes crave that now. It just feels so good when you are being totally submissive to a man.

yes indeed. it can be such a turn on

and so hot.