The Fast And Hard

I have always found women seem to enjoy me ******* them from behind. The leading up to it is always fun. After some foreplay mm alot of foreplay I love to kiss my way down to a womans breast sucking and nippling on her hard nipples fingering there wet ***** as I do kissing my way down her stomach getting between there legs licking and kissing all around there ***** til they are almost begging for me to eat them mmm thighs over my shoulders burying my face into that sweet wet ***** sucking on that swollen **** locking my arms around those thighs while they *** over and over mm with my thick **** nice and hard I keep eating that sweet ***** spinning around straddling there face as they take my **** into their mouth mmm it feels so good getting sucked when she is moaning timing it just as she is ready to *** my **** sliding in and out of her mouth I start ******* spurting thick *** one "rope" after another. Ohh yes keep sucking my **** feel it grow hard in your mouth oh throbbing hard I pull it out and turn around getting between her legs sliding my **** in that soaked ***** pushing your thighs over my shoulders so I can get deeper and deeper in that ***** my hard **** is throbbing and we roll over as she gets on top of me ohh yes baby thats it **** that **** **** it hard as oh yes oh baby that ***** feels so good she is bouncing up and down on my **** as I hold her hips feeling your ***** tightening around my **** as she starts ******* ohh **** yes *** baby *** mmm her ***** loosens up and she climbs off my **** it is glistening with her juices I get behind her pulling her up by the hips pushing my **** inside of her til evey inch is buried in her grinding deep before pulling back as my swollen **** head comes out between her ***** lips I moan as i watch my **** sliding in and out of her faster and faster my thighs slapping against her *** my balls slamming up against her oh yes yesss I have her screaming I am pounding her hard as I can she keeps ******* over and over begging me to shoot my hot load deep in her I just keep ******* her harder sweating her face buried in the pillow screaming ohh yes baby you want me to come she moans yes and yess over and over ohh not yet that ***** feels to good her screams and moans turn into animal like groans I lock my arms around her stomach pulling her back ohh yes I am gonna fill that little ***** with so much *** i start ******* emptying my swollen balls deep in her she collapes on the bed as I fall on her with my **** still in her I pull out as she turns over I get between her legs running my tounge between her *** drenched ***** lips mmm our juices salty and sweet my tounge slides deep in her licking til I get a mouthful of *** I leave a trail over her stomach across her **** and kiss her deep as her tounge swirls in my mouth getting all out *** out and into her mouth.
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I die. Wish I were there...

Doggie is my favorite!

My lover likes being my ***** and then getting filled with ***.

Thats the way to **** ! cheers ! story.....******* doggie style results in deeper penetration and women love it...