I Want It And I Want It Now!

My wife just had another professional sexual massage. (She tell her story as blackduck1 which you may read.) She had has two professional massages now and loves them as you would see when reading her stories under her own profile. She came home and told me she needed it and NOW.

We went to the master bedroom, both disrobed and I could see her panties were sooo wet. Feeling them confirmed this. I knelt in front of her at once and started eating her. She was as wet as the usally is AFTER we ****. The juices were flowing like a river. I licked and bit on her ****. Sucked and chewed on her **** more. All at once she started stumbling around. I grasped her thighs as quick as I understood what was happening. *** #1 (at home). She later related she had a few ******* as the masseuse was doing her massage an hour or two earlier.

We bothe went to the bed and I laid on my back for her to mount me Cow Girl position. (That is our favorite position.) She was laying next to me and said she want me on top and to "really dig in". She held her leg open and up as I prepared to initiate penetration. As I mounted her saddle I gently inserted the head of my **** and then pushed easily for completion of the penetration. She pulled my butt with her hands soas to achieve maximum penetration of her depths. She held me there momentarily as her **** muscle massage my *****. OH what a feeling. She knows how to use those **** and anal muscles.

She then, with her hands, set the pace of the ****. She was bucking up each time I hit the bottom of my strokes. I increased the pace of my movement and initiated a circular motion of my pelvic area. I like to start this motion at the time of shallowist penetration and continue to full penetration. When I am successful, that just sends her up the wall when we **** in this position. I try to maintain the same motion on withdrawal and continue as I make another plunge into her *****. Kissing and nibbling on her nipples I worked my way up to her neck and ears. I asked her if I was hitting where she needed it. All she could do was shake her head and say she felt another *** about to hit. I raised the upper portion of my body onto my hands and knees so the only thing from my body touching her was my *****, I started going haard, deep, & rapid. At once, her mouth came open, her body siffend, she fell back to the bed and jerked around. I kept pounding deep and hard trying to touch her womb. Her **** muscles were starting to take control of my impending ******. She was working them. I was still pounding, giving her what she wanted and then her entire body seemed to jerk up off the bed, spasm around and then she started squirting as I was spraying her womb with my white pearl juice. Another ***.

She continued more squirts but maintaining my grasp now on her, I kept pumping her. Talk about a BIG mess. That's what we had. But we were both VERY, VERY satisified! Resting some, we finally came around and head for the shower. She brought some special lube we normally use when we do anal. I lube two fingers and once in the shower jacked her anally to another ***. Out of the shower she laid on the baed for at least three hours. This woman HAD to have been completely worn out!
blackduck blackduck
56-60, M
Jul 28, 2010