My Mark

That anticipated moment of penetration...I dig my nails in your arms, your shoulders, your back.

When you tease me with your ****, I did my fingers in your buttocks, trying to force you home, fill me as I need. My fingers leaves prints behind.

I suck your neck and leave my mark there as you pump inside me, building the flames of desire.

My nails rake your back and leave red welts when you bring me to climax.

You push my head to your shoulder when you are ready to ***.."bite me now" you say. And I bite hard, losing my grip and biting over and over. You are pistoning in and out of me too hard to keep a grip. Your shoulder is well marked.

After I clean you with my mouth, I lean down and gently kiss your **** head..then I kiss your tender inner thigh..suck hard and leave my mark there as well.

Every where I look, I have left a momento behind. With a smile on my face...I tell are well marked lover. 
moondancelady moondancelady
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8 Responses Dec 6, 2012

nice one , way to go

Wow, very very nice, it was like I was there


And in what way is a man allowed to mark you?

Most any ways he likes...I love looking at the marks later...brings the memory of how it got there back all over again..

OMG! I LUV your writing! Seriously, it is having a definite effect on me

Thanks..I love writing erotica.

Very well written,suspenseful and complete. Reminded me of a Gf I had that used to dig her nails deep,I loved it,esp. when the sweat ran down my back into the gouges and burned so good! It felt so good I almost got her marks permanently tattooed there.

Now that would have been an intriguing tattoo:)

love to be bitten with passion! love your writing!

Hurt so good?

There ya go...perfect:)

I have a branding iron......

Ouch..thats a little permanant:)