I wanna have a candle light dinner in the garden. Drink a goblet of wine with someone as we smile upon each other with our twinkling eyes giving away what we wanna do next…

I wanna be held by his hands as we dance in silence, enjoying the crisp moonlit evening while the birds hum the music.

I’m gonna bring my face on his chest so I could hear his heartbeat, if every thud ever murmurs the same thing as my heart does…

“Be mine tonight then let’s share a dance forever”.
4BlackForest 4BlackForest
36-40, F
4 Responses Feb 11, 2012

this is beautiful so beautiful. i want to be that someone in the worst way 143!!!

Worst way? Hilarious! Why not in the best way? You are so funny!

man i love it when you bust my chops

well you deserve to have something beautiful happen to you i hope it does happen and i am sure it most definetly will sweetie vinny

thanks sweetie i am happy for you vinny

well that is the perfect Night and I to would love to sit acrossed the tabel looking into that one womens eyes that take me away from it all.

yeah, staring is the most beautiful thing that a couple of lover's eyes do all the time.

It is when she has those eyes that make you dream about what could be.

That beautiful, here's wishing. :-) romantic side strikes again...:)