Music Is So Romantic!

I have always shared music with my boyfriends in some way. My first boyfriend did not sing, but we had similar taste in music. For my 21st birthday, he gave me a gift subscription to Pandora One which I renewed after we broke up and it eventually expired. My second boyfriend was in cantorial school and had a professional, operatic voice. The problem was that because music was his career, he was a music snob and used to make fun of my voice. I don't think he realized how hurtful that was for me. My current boyfriend likes to sing, but not professionally. I was so touched when he shared with me some of his heritage songs. I'm trying to learn them, but it's slow going. In the meantime, I love hearing him sing them to me, which he'll happily do whenever I make the request.
ConflictedinBoston ConflictedinBoston
May 17, 2012