One of My Exes

He'd sing for me.  When he did, sometimes he would make up the words, and that was the cutest thing ever.  It made me feel warm and fuzzy and loved :)

He didn't exactly have a good singing voice, but that's besides the point :P  His forte was rapping.  Coming from a real hip hop head, you can trust me when I say that lyrically, he's amazing.  That's probably why he was so good at making up songs on the spot when he'd sing to me.

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3 Responses Feb 28, 2009

(((hugs))) Thank you Josie. <br />
<br />
You help to bring the best out of me, Lady :)

Very sweet, sounds simply divine. You must have brought out the best in him ... you have that effect on many.

Yes, you're right. That ex was really gifted when it comes to words, and he did know my personality really well.