Love That Loving Feeling

I hate to admit it, becuase I work very hard to not allow myself to be seduced, charmed, much less manipulated by anyone, especially a man. I try to get to the heart and mind of a man...I realize some have been trained by their buddies, fathers, uncles, grandfathers to shower women with gifts and attention to win their hearts. But, experience shows this drops off after a short period of time. Hence, I am extremely leary of a man who starts off by giving me LOTS of attention and once he thinks he has me wrapped around his finger, suddenly gives up. Instead, I wait, and judge by his pattern over a period of time. I watch how he handles difficult matters of equal or greater importance...and of course, how he responds to me. If he meets my intelligence and compassion standards (and attraction of course), then bring on the "butter me ups" pour on the attention and charm. I love it when a man plays with the hair on my head. I love it when he massages my neck when we are watching Tv, driving...actually anytime. I love a man's hand at the small of my back when we are walking in public places. I love it when he wants to know what I want, what I would like to drink, to eat, to do. I love it when he brings me a blanket because he thinks I'm cold. I love it when he compiles music for me. I love it when he leaves sweet love notes. I love it when we are at the store, and he notices my interest, and purchases something for me without my knowing, and gives it to me later. I love it when a man buys me a dress that he thinks is sexy. I love it when he suprises me with little gifts that remind him of me in some peculiar way. I love it when he opens the door for me. I especially love it when he plans an entire evening/day for us including things such as dinner, a play, a walk in the city park. I loved it when one particular friend took me to a shooting range for my birthday, and another friend took me for a canoe ride at the local lake. I love it when he is spontaneous and convinces me to do something d ifferent,exotic, and fun. I love it when he texts me messages, telling me that the thought of me turns him on. I love it when he tells me I'm beautiful.I am very senstive to a man's voice. I must hear it. It is the sound of his soul. (no pee wee hermans for me). I love it when he moans, with pleasure and says my name, and lets me know what turns him on. I love it when he buys me something that I'm truly into/passionate about. I love it when he texts, calls, emails, just to let me know that I am on his mind. The more, the better. I love it when he shares stories about his day at work, and curious stories from his past. I love it when he shares his dreams for his future. I love it when he shares his love of family and friends. I love it when he elaborates on some concept that I don't understand, but that he is an expert on. Hmmmm...maybe..what I the act of being in a caring relationship, showered with attention...from a man I admire, appreciate, and adore.

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4 Responses Feb 17, 2009

Very well explained and concise thanks so much for sharing!!!!-Nichollee

You and me both, sister!

If you could edit this down a bit, I'd be happy to read the rest of it =D

thanks for your comment. He just went and had a test today. Thank God! he will be home in 8 days and we plan to start marital counseling. Pray it all goes well. Thanks, jen