****** Without Being Touched!!!!!

A while ago, one of my friends told me about an experience where he had had an ****** without touching himself! I was quite interested, and really wanted to be able to do it myself- it sounded like quite a sexy experience! I love it when I have a wet dream- the contrast between the innocence of sleep and not having touched yourself, and the overriding dirtiness of the subconscious mind. It's quite a helpless, embarrassing feeling as you wake up to find you are lying in a pool of your own ***! I especially like the idea of all the stuff slowly builing up in your balls, then eventually having to all seep out when they get to the point of overflowing...

I have got more and more into the idea of chastity and ****** denial- the longest I have managed to go for without ******* was 3 months, and I only came quite recently. I absolutely love the feeling of being turned-on the whole time, and the feeling that builds up "down there"!!! It's quite something! I'm now trying to see if I can match that (or maybe even beat it) again- but I'm telling you it's not easy!

In the end my body rebelled against me- it had to ***! It's really weird how it happened...

I was lying in bed (naked as always), half asleep, feeling reeeeaaaaaaalllly horny. My **** was rock hard and felt really tingly and my balls were at bursting point after 3 months of no release. It's hard to describe, but the feeling of pleasure just kept building and building down below, and I was getting hornier and hornier by the second. The only thing I can really liken it to is feedback- the signal travelling round and round the loop getting stronger and stronger. After a minute a panicky feeling crossed my mind- I was actually about to *** without touching myself! Once I had this thought in my head there was no going back- I could feel the *** starting to ooze down my ****. I tried thinking of a way to stop it, but there was absolutely nothing I could do! The panic was tinged by a feeling of guilty pleasure...

I just about managed to slip my hand under my **** to catch the *** as it started spewing out. I have to admit it is one of the best ******* I have ever had!

The next day, I couldn't quite believe it had happened. Because I hadn't "brought myself off" by hand, it felt like there was still a lot of stuff backed up in my balls, and I still felt incredibly horny! I knew I had to see if I could do it again, in the cold light of day.

I was sitting on the sofa, and had the place to myself. I undid my zipper and carefully pulled out my little ****. As I said, the sexy experience of the night before had not dampened the feeling of needing to ***- in fact I think it had made it worse!!!

Sure enough, in a few seconds I was rigid as a flagpole and literally aching to *** again! Every muscle in my body went tense, and my breathing became rapid. I started to writhe around in my seat. I could not believe this was happening again! Unlike the previous night (when I was lying on my front and penis was touching the bedsheets) there was nothing at all touching my **** as it started to leak. It was so sexy looking at it twitching and straining in the open air, and seconds later I was rewarded with another powerful ******!

I had to try it one last time, as I could think of little else, and it felt like there was a fair bit more to come out! I thought I would try it completely naked, as when I was on the sofa with my thing poking through my trousers there was probably pressure on my balls which might have contributed. This time I wanted to be absolutely sure there was no contact!

I ******** completely naked, and lay down on my bed, on my back. I was already hard as hell without touching myself at all, and there was no doubt in my mind that I would *** again!

The last ****** was the most powerful of all, as it tore through me. This time I was not worried about making a mess, as I was just ******* all over my belly. This was just as well, as I couldn't seem to stop *******! On reflection, I think I had multiple ******* (a first!) as the hot pearl-coloured liquid oozed out of me, and all over my naked, twitching body. I had another panicky feeling, as more and more ***** leaked out- it actually felt like I was *******, and I was worried I would **** all over myself if/when I ever stopped *******! A minute later, my backed-up balls had completely emptied themselves over me, and I just lay there on the duvet, covered in *** and unable to move. I felt soooooo slutty, and until now have not told another soul. I have to say it was an absolutely amazing experience- well worth 3 ******-free months!

I reaaaaalllllly want to do it again, but as it was only a few weeks ago, I would like to wait for a few more months to build up the anticipation and the feeling of helpless arousal, so I am thinking I will try and wait to the beginning of March!

Wish me luck- I'll definitely need it!

If you have any questions or comments at all- don't hold back!



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I'm more aroused if I think I'll get caught

I know- I kind of felt guilty for ******* without permission like that. I have to admit I do quite like the idea of being punished for doing it....<br />
It was a very weird experience I must say- I didn't even think it was possible a few months ago!<br />
I did feel guilty the last time I came too... I was feeling really horny and got undressed, and got into bed with my gf, and started fooling around together. I started getting quite excited when she admitted she wanted to be given a "proper" ******* from a guy with a big ****- especially when she told me she'd like me to suck him and swallow his ***, and let him **** me! Even though I wasn't being touched, I felt the now familiar helpless feeling in the pit of my stomach spread through my body... submissive surrender to the all consuming ******, held back for so long but now impossible to prevent.......

I think that sounds amazing. How patient are you! I wouldn't have lasted more than a week at most. I wish I could have walked in on you as you came. Can you imagine how emabarassing that would be. Can I clean you up? I wonna put you over my knee for that. Who told you that you are allowed to ***?