Young Blond Girlfriend Always Came In Mouth And Face

My girlfriend Jodi and I had pretty much had something going on between us since we were in the 1st grade. Of course by the time we hit puberty and were in our early teens we really had something going. We had almost always been together, so our parents knew each other very well, and they felt very comfortable dropping Jodi off at my house on Fri or Sat nights for a while. We were suppose to be "watching movies", but I can't say that I can recall ever watching anything more than the opening credits. I know for a fact that when my daughter asks me if she can go over to Little Johnnie's to watch movies her answer is going to be a very loud and clear "HELL NO". I was very fortunate to have grown up in a rather large house. I pretty much had the whole lower portion of our home to myself. I mean I had sort of a bachelor's pad before I knew what a bachelor was. I had what was called our "den" and the great big adjoining room that had previously been my dad's "office". He called it that because that was where he "worked". If you can call it that. He was a book maker (bookie), and basically all he did was answer the phones, and watch football all day. It was essentially the ultimate man cave. The only thing that really mattered to me about this room was the fact that it had a door, and it locked. I can only recall maybe a time or two that either of my parents ever actually came all the way down the stairs to check on us. It was almost as if my father knew what he might see if he did. And my mother, well she was my mother, and didn't want to see. Even knowing that there really wasn't much of a chance that we would ever get caught, when things really started heating up it was a mad dash to the "office". Jodi would absolutely not get completely naked until that door was locked. To me and I guess anyone that ever saw her thought that she had the most perfect body. That was with her clothes on! When Jodi ******** down completely naked I could have came without my **** ever being touched. To be honest I'm not sure if it didn't happen a couple times. She had small but very perky breasts. What I loved the most was, of course her *****. She was in every sense of the term a true blond. Her ***** hair was as light blond as the hair on her head. Take that with an almost always tan body. Well, you get the picture. As much as I enjoyed it, it was almost torture back then. We could do anything we wanted to each other, but under no circumstances was I to penetrate her vagina. She would suck me and/or jerk me off every time. That is on one condition, I had 1st eaten her ***** until she came on my face. I didn't mind it at all. It definitely beat having blue balls and besides I loved licking her young, wet, and might I add very tight *****. I loved everything about Jodi's *****. From the blond hair on it to the way it smelled. God the smell of it! I'm getting hard thinking about it. Jodi's ***** always smelled as a ***** should. It smelled like *****, but with a subtle uniqueness to it. I swear to this day over 25 years later you could blind fold me and let me go down on 100 women, and I promise I could pick out my Jodi's sweet *****. Getting back to her ******* on my face. On one occasion we must have just lost track of time. We were of course butt naked in the "office" and of course I had my face between Jodi's legs. When Jodi's parents were there to pick her up. Just about the time Jodi was drowning me with her creamy white ***, my dad was at the top of the stairs yelling to us about the fact that her parents were there. We proceeded to hurriedly regain our composure and put our clothes back on. Several minutes later we were upstairs walking into the kitchen. We had taken so long that our parents were all sitting around the table having coffee. If it were only the fact that we both looked like we had just gotten through rolling in the hay wasn't bad enough. I could see that both of Jodi's parents were staring at me. It was at the same time that my father excused us both from the room. He took me by the arm into the dining room. I knew I had really done something this time. Fighting back a smile that would undoubtedly have been followed by laughter. He said that he strongly recommended that I go to the restroom and wash my face. I almost died for I knew what it was. I took his advice and went directly to the nearest restroom. To my dismay when I looked into the mirror my face from just below my eyes all the way to pretty much my neck looked like a freshly glazed doughnut. I could not face Jodi's parents again that night, and it was some time before I had the nerve to so much as speak to them. Let's just say that never again did I ever go upstairs again without 1st washing my face.
theman1973 theman1973
36-40, M
Dec 14, 2012