In A Few More Words....

I probably wouldn't say "I wanna have your baby" as much as I would say "Pleasepleaseplease give me your child! Fill me with your *****! Give me your baby! Breed me! PLEASE breed me! Make me a woman!" as my ***** walls got tighter and tighter around the life-giving **** inside me, holding it in place as it shot load after load of *** inside my fertile womb.
BabyFactory4U BabyFactory4U
18-21, F
4 Responses May 16, 2012

I would love to shoot loads of my seed inside your womb

I'm here in Texas .. San Antonio .. I really want to make a woman of you .. making you pregnant .. seeing you grow with my child in you, would be a great turn on .. and after the baby is born .. I'll put another one in you. I want lots of babies

**** baby,you got my **** ready for a deposit into your ready fertile womb, I'll get you pregnant anytime,after our child it's born get ready to be bred again

Very hot I know it would make me explode deep in you