I Love It

I have spent my whole working life in healthcare.Its a womendominated sector.They each have two breasts.Add the employees and patients and the years,you come to a conclusion that I have seen countless breasts in all shapes and sizes and colors and I am not even tired of looking at them yet!
The other day I was with my sons at a park playground.A white woman with large ones was bend over talking to her daughter. I just could not help but look at them.I saw her start raising her head and I quickly turned to the side.I am sure she felt me looking at her somehow.I just couldn't help it.
Another time I was at the same park and this asian lady wearing a mini dress was seated at a bench watching hubby and their kid play.She was talking on her cell and had her legs open.She was wearing white underwear.
manomine manomine
46-50, M
Sep 6, 2012