I Think It's Hilarious...

.....and ladies, you know what I mean (for that matter, the peekers know as well - male and female) - you're asking about something at a checkout counter, or you're flirting with a coworker to get something done (yeah, I've flirted with women - I have absolutely no shame when I know it'll work), or you're trying to wheedle a better deal out of the car dealer or the mechanic or the electrician or WHOEVER - and you shift, ever so slightly (because you know damn well the blouse/shirt/tank you're wearing will cooperate - you picked it for precisely that reason) or you pull the old prop-em-up-on-the-counter trick (a personal favorite, and one I've perfected) and BAM - you catch that quick downward-******-the-eyes-back-in-their-head glance, and immediately, they're yours. Instant discount/product retrieval/favor done. 

What was it Erin Brockovich said?

"They're called boobs, Ed."
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what a naughty woman!

Funny but oh so true. Some girls know how to get things done and leaving them wanting more... much more! ;)

and a lovely set you have, lol, yup i have been caught several times taking a long look down the blouse of a beautiful ladies top showing her sexy succulent breast, and might i add they did not seem upset but rather enjoyed the looking, i have a nurse that wears a blck deep cut black top and black bra underneath and she does love the peeking of her beautiful white breast , and they are beautiful well rounded globes that are very nice size, oh much like yours ,lol which i will admit is a VERY lovely set

.....well, thanks for noticing.... :)

i was a state auto inspector. women have tried to pull that trick upon me many, and i do mean...... MANY TIMES.
they'd wiggle and jiggle their little ******* in my face.
if they flunked, they flunked. if they did? i'd get to see another "pair in the air" when they returned for a re-inspection.
either way, I WON!
YAY for me!!!

That's pretty sad....I can honestly say I've never tried to get anything illegal (like passing an inspection my car shouldn't) or tried to get out of anything...like a ticket. I've done it to get my car fixed, yes - but not inspected. Glad you scored a double win in that case!

Forbidden fruit, is always the sweetest. You almost see them almost see them then.............
OMG, a little peek of the corner of a nipple..... TOUCH DOWN!!!!!!!!!! Men are so predictable.
I think your profile picture is absolutely beautiful and so very sensual.

BTW you did get the discount didn't you?? Why not!!!

Guilty... You've ruined my belief...ummmm...ok...my hope...that they've never noticed my glances. :)

I find my self staring at clevage like Homer stares at donuts. I find myself thinking how much fun it would be to ***** **** them.

makes my day that much nicer~

its one of the things that can drive me crazy :)

well I have given a lady a discount for a look no probs and would be happy to do it again

LOL - I've been the recipient on a few occasions! I'm not afraid to admit I've leaned a bit heavily on the counter (in my very broke past) when I've needed my car fixed!

They most certainly are....and they are quite lovely!

I think its cute when women tru that with me at the club. Being a bouncer I get the busty girl always walking up and throwing her boobs in my face to get in the club for free or skip the line or get in with no i.d.....lol.It usually makes for a fun night.

chuckles .. I love your intelligent wit :) It goes nice with your boobs :)