Boobtube Accident

I was walking my dog round the local park. There was a group of lads throwing a ball around and a group of girls sitting nearby chatting, and soaking up some sun. The ball went over by the girls, and one of them went to fetch it.
She looked like she was in her late teens. Very long strait brown hair. Wearing tiny hot pants and a boobtube, both pink. She deliberatly bent right over to pick up the ball, showing her butt to the lads. Then she stood up quickly, flicking her hair back at the same time. Then spun round and threw the ball back to the closest lad.
She didn't realise that this sudden bend over and hair flick manuver had caused her top to come down, giving everyone, including me, more than just a quick flash.
Heellover Heellover
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2 Responses Sep 7, 2012

i think she did it intentionally. she wanted the lads to c her boobs too. as i do in trains or buses (trying to show others nd making dm xcited)

How exciting! X

Nice! Sounds to me like she was looking for attention and she really got it. When did she finally realize that her top was low? Or did her top fix itself? That can happen with those bustier style strapless tops.

She realised just after her friends started laughing, and the lads started cheering. It wasn't a long flash, but just long enough for everyone to get a clear view.