Up, Down, Up, Down

its such an exhilarating feeling for me when im walking or running and my boobs are jiggling. when i was a smaller girl i admired the girls with large breasts and loved to watch them jiggle as they went by. so when i got a pair of my own, i fell in love with them. and it only got better once i started lactating. the thought of all the milk in my breasts bouncing up and down while i walk is such a turn on for me. the feeling when i walk, causing the motion of my boobs to go up and then all their weight just fall back down is enough to get me wet between my legs. and peoples reactions are always priceless. ive caught many people trying to sneak a peek as im passing by and i love it.
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Imagine how much we men like it!

You must turn heads all day long! Your body is amazing and you appear to be all around gorgeous. I'm not sure what line of work you're in, but I hope you're involved in something like public speaking, or chairman of the board. You certainly wouldn't have a problem getting peoples attentions.

I know I would STARE.

Who doesnt

I hate you liyah lol

aww why?

Because you're sexy as hell! This story is awesome and you have me fantasizing all the time! That's why I hate you lol

I would be sneaking multiple peeks!

Be careful when you walk. You don't want to cause too many accidents!

lol too late

Car pile up or man getting the back of the hand by his woman who caught him checking you out?

Very nice Liyah! You drive all the boys crazy don't you! I love it when big boobs bounce too! Huge turn-on!! When you're walking down a flight of stairs I wonder how many guys trip over their own feet after one glance of you?!

Your story is a huge turn on...do you ever bounce topless so you can HEAR them bounce?

I have a few times... but it actually hurts a bit

Watching breasts bouncing is a huge turn on for me too...glad to know there are women who enjoy doing it as much as I do watching!

This is the right attitude about breasts. Your own breasts. I really love it to feel the full weight of them when walking. It just drives me crazy when they bounce up and down

Jiggling breast are such a turn-on to me. All that milk jiggling around in your boobs, won't it turn into butter lake and churn? LOL!

no not butter... just milkshakes lol

LMAO! Great comeback. ;-)

I find a fully clothed woman jiggling as she walks much sexier than most naked stuff. My heart pounds, I get dry in the throat, confused, panicky and even if I see it for just a few seconds that's my whole day gone (if they are big).

How do you dress? Tight tops and cleavage? That might just give me a heart attack. If you saw me struggling to breath as you walked past, would you stop to help me get back to life?

I honestly think I wouldn't be capable of speech if I saw you walking down the street.

I saw your pictures and wow, what amazing beautiful udders you got, I have to call them like that as they are so wonderfully large, you must have so much fun with them. I love seeing breasts bounce, seeing such wonderful large fun bags bounce, seeing how confident you carry them, fully aware of how they bounce, I would probably risk it and go up to you and remark "I love how your breasts bounce, they seem to be made for it. I wish you weren't wearing a bra"<br />
It sometimes backfires to be so honest, but sometimes it is just so cool and a compliment like that strikes home. And as an experienced man I know of course why we all love boobs that jiggle and go up and down, because it will give you a wonderful hot tease, a glimpse how they will look and move and jiggle during sex.

Just the title of your post gets me aroused. Thanks for sharing.

guy looks like you are what dripping boobs...I have 38d and dripping all the time and my sister she too loves bouncing her all the time....would guys help us form a club...BMBC (breast milk boobs club) ,,,1st we feed the kids and then we join a club where guys get to have the rest....at a price...we place our boobs threw the holes and you get your time according to the time paid for

your body is perfect and you boobs are great ;)

Liyah, would love to see you pictures, You get me intrigued

Mesmerizing...<br />
<br />
I wonder how often you notice a man peeking... just before his wife/gf hits him. Then you notice that you are MUCH more busty than her.

I have been caught many time doing the Sneaky Peek.<br />
Sometimes it is just to hard to resist...

I would definitely sneak a peak if you jiggled past me. :)

What's sexier than a big-breasted woman who loves and is proud of every soft, squeezable, abundant inch of her chest?<br />
<br />
Nothing that I can think of.<br />
<br />
With your attitude toward your breasts, I'm sure that the men around you are constantly bumping into walls.<br />
<br />
Very sexy post.

your boobs bouncing up and down makes you wet? that makes me hard! i don't think i would leave the house if i were with you. suck your boobs dry for an hour or two. then, **** for a couple hours. go back to sucking for an hour or two. then, ******* for a few hours. keep repeating until the morning. sorry to be so graphic, but it's the truth.<br />
<br />
mmmmm :)