She Is Stronger Than Me

I was 18 years old 5ft6 105 lbs.I was a senior.She had a crush on me.She was a frehmen but she was 6th 1 240 lbs.She said if I didn't ask her out shed beat me up in the cafeteria.I asked her out.When we were at her house she overpowered me she stood up and sat on my face made me eat her and admit she was stronger than me.I want this experience again.Where are you.I'm now 5th 8 150 strong girls let me know where you are!
Tracytracy Tracytracy
1 Response Aug 11, 2011

Hopefully when you find her, she will also Petticoat you and keep you as a Feminine Male. Role reversal is a Concept that is Growing, and women need to take the Dominant Position and keep us Males Pretty and Sweet for their Pleasure!