Pinned Down By A Younger Girl

I was 14 year old boy and she was 11, almost 12. I not an average 14 year old, really small for my age and skinny with no clue how to defend myself. It was a french school exchange and I was staying in the house of this boy in Paris I was on exchange with - she was his younger sister. I was in her bedroom late one night when I shouldn't have been, but we were just messing around, as you do. She told me she could do judo and she'd show me how, so I said ok. She was taller than me and slender but excellent at judo. She wanted to teach me how to do it but I just wanted her to overpower me. So I let her do moves on me and she quickly took me down to the ground. I didn't even try to stop her, I was Loving it. The best bit was when she had me pinned to the floor by my wrists; she straddled her body over me, her knees either side of my body, her head right over mine looking right into my eyes and firmly holding both my wrists to the floor. I was enjoying it so much I didn't even try to escape, I wanted it to go on as long as possible. But she was strong and she could have held me there even if I'd tried to get out of it. I'm not sure if she understood how I felt about it though , I think she actually wanted to teach me judo!
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sounds awesome

Fabulous sweetie

I've got a really embarrassing story myself... I am 8th grade, right? I'm 14 and probably as arrogant as arrogant 14 year olds get. Being the "king" of my K-8 school, I often make fun of others who are less athletically gifted than myself. Yes, this means I am pretty athletic, not as much as I brag about and made fun of others for, but still very athletic. well you get it. So it was P.E. class and we were running laps around the gym. There was a 6th grade class there at the time as well. Everyone was slowly jogging and talking, and I was sprinting through everybody saying things like "slowpoke" and whatnot. Eventually there was this very petite blonde 6th grade girl (I can literally remember her exactly) that probably weighed 80 pounds and was 4'11". At the time I was about 5'5" and 115 pounds. Well this girl yelled at me when I ran past her "stop being so rude!". My arrogant 8th grade self took offense to this. I slowed down and started running circles around her calling her slow and stupid. Then she finally snapped. She jumped at me, latched onto my chest and I fell onto my back. She then hopped right up to my face and straddled it, squeezing my hands with her hands. Everyone in the room stopped and was watching. She started rotating her hips over my face, so her crotch would slide across my face every rotation. This was almost a victory dance. She was yelling that I was her *****, and saying things like "who's weak now"? "How does it feel that I'm 11 years old?" I was trying as hard as I could to get off but her hand strength was surprisingly strong and I stayed there for about 20 seconds until a gym teacher came over and forced her off of me. Not before she bent down and spit in my face. Now every time I see her at school I cower away but she always comes up with friends and says things like "Look, this is my *****" Sometimes she just comes up and spits on my or punches me in the balls. I tried to grab her when she spit on me today, but when I did she kicked me in the balls and kicked me over. Then she put her shoe on my throat and said "Just remember, you're NOTHING compared to me", then walked off in her little mini skirt. What do I do? I can't take this much longer! An 11 year old, tiny, 6th grade girl is making me her public *****! AHH! someone help please!

I\'ve been bullied myself, maybe I can help you. Add me to your circle so we can exchange messages.

In my younger years, when I was around 13 to 16, I often seduced girls from the neighbourhood to wrestle. I was more of a bookworm, not a very tough and strong boy, mostly avoiding any fights with other boys.<br />
On the playground, just in front of our house, we often played volleyball, and there were more girls than boys joining our matches, some of them very pretty, and at the same time very assertive. <br />
One day, one of the girls, 14 like me, invited me to wrestle her, claiming that girls are catching up with boys in sports and could even do better. We started playfully, with the other girls, some of them much younger, watching us and cheering her on. She got me into a clinch and easily got me down to the ground. I ended like a helpless beetle on its back, with her in a victory pose, making fun of me, showing her muscles and forcing me to admit she was so much stronger than me.<br />
I surrendered, being so much humiliated, but on the other side so much aroused about the girl on top of me, with her skirt and petticoat covering half of my face.<br />
I had seen already a few times how a strong girl was putting an arrogant guy in place. Now it happened to me. And curious enough, I was much attracted to that girl, being submissive towards females back to my earliest childhood.<br />
Ever since I dreamed of being wrestled and pinned by a stronger girl. And a few weeks later I succesfully seduced two of the younger girls (aged 11 or 12) to wrestle me. Of course I lost, was humiliated again. They invested all their strength, and I let them win.<br />
I will never forget our playful mixed wrestling experiences which had been so exciting.<br />
I regretted that later, at an age of about 16, it stopped. Growing up, and being socialized in gender mainstream behaviour, we got ashamed to be beaten up by younger girls. At least a boy would not confess it openly to others. But still today I love it when girls and women are proving to be stronger than their boyfriends or husbands.

i like to get piggyback rides from girls...anyone else?

I too enjoy being lifted by strong girls. One time, I took this girl to the beach for a picnic. We ate and enjoyed some wine. We ended up play wrestling. I got behind her, put her in a head lock. She responded by grabbing my arms, and leaning forward, lifting me up onto her back. She held me helplessly on her back a good few minutes, and finally flipped me over her shoulder, and onto the sandy beach, sitting on my chest holding my arms above my head. I then proceeded to date her for about 10 months, asking her to repeat the scenario in the bedroom. Oh, what a woman!!!! .