My Strong,attractive Neighbour

When i was about 11 years old,i had a neighbour who was about 2 years older than me.She was very athletic,a dark,smooth skin,tall,tomboy(but looked like all female though),the only tomboy signs she had was her strength and she use to ride around her bicycle with me,we climbed trees together and run around and go to the beach together,a really beautiful black girl.When ever we were home together and in the bedroom playing she would always wrestle me down to the bed and pin both of my arms down above my head while straddling me and sitting on my legs and tickle my ribs and armpits without mercy.I would try my best to buck around,beg,wrestle out of it and plead for mercy but there was no way out,she would tickle me and look down at me and smile so sexy,the more i fight back,the stronger she would pin me down and tickle me,i had a hugeeeee crush on this girl for years and i had sooooo many wet dreams about her just holding me down and tickling me,she also use to hold me and drag me in the sea when we go to the beach and duck me under water,she was sooooooooooo strong and i just love the way she would hold me and muscle me down with her sexy smile,it was so seductive and use to just make me feel like i want to pee but i didn't know at that time what it was i was feeling in my pants...LOL,I feel she felt my hardon many times through my pants when she was holding me down and straddling me
SubmissiveGuy28 SubmissiveGuy28
26-30, M
Jan 18, 2013