Love It When Girls Find Out I Wet the Bed

I love the thought of girls finding out i wet the bed, i love the look on there face when they see a rubber sheet on my bed, and then they always ask whats that on the bed for, and you no you want to tell them but hold off intill they go on about it and then it comes out i wet the bed, have had lots of time like that some time  i never say anything but i no what will happen when have been drinking, and when they get into my bed and they here the rubber sheet moving and they ask i just say its to keep the mattress clean, it the next morning when they wake up to find the bed soaking wet then they no why its on. its the girls when you tell them what you do they say its ok, and that they do not mind, thats when i pull out the plastic pants on put them on and lay next to them so close that they can feel my plastic pants, and when i wake up with my nappy soaking wet and the girl can see when i remove my plastic pants to show off my wet nappy, so i love it when girls find out i wet my bed.

badlad badlad
46-50, M
3 Responses Feb 14, 2009

I would not care if you did not tell me that you wet the bed because I would most likely wet your first......then what would you do.

as long as i could have a plastic sheet on i will do that

you can ly close to me with no platic pants on, actualy how bout no pants at all ;) i wouldnt mind