Just got back to college yesterday. I've reached 180 and am now about 183. hoping to gain more which I probably will but one of my roommates is not the thicker side and the other has a noticeable pot belly but ones thin as a stick but I'm hoping to fatten up the two I'm getting hot just thinking about it
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You like to make thin women fat?

Did it work?

Good times... :)

Awesome! How much do you weigh now? Did you have any luck in fattening up your two friends? :-)

i would love to talk about your growing belly msg me :)

Good luck fattening them up into huge and gorgeous roommates! :)

They will not mind till maybe they notice the change or guys start noticing them as pretty girls more. Providing irresistable food is all it usually takes . . . And beer can help!

Cool!, good luck ;)