My Wife Goes Shoe Shopping Without Panties

   This happened in an old style shoe store. The type with the foot sizers and salesmen that would check to your size and make sure the shoes fit properly. She was 24.


My wife (girlfriend at the time) was wearing a sundress. It was flared up loosely and was the type that would easily blow up in the smallest breeze. That was all she was wearing. She never wears panties.


This dress was my favorite. It fitted around her breasts and the waist band sat just below them. From there the dress was loose and flared out. It was great for wardrobe malfunctions outside if there was the slightest wind it always blew up and she never made an attempt to stop her dress from blowing up. She enjoyed it actually and would just let the dress blow until the wind stopped and it finally fell down.


She would tell me that because the bottom section of the dress from just below her breasts the rest of it didn't really touch her body. It was a 'teddy' type very thin and light material. That she felt like she was walking around  nude. So I would say your dress just blew up and everyone could see everything but your breasts. This dress would always expose her several times a day, baring her bare silk hairless ***** and round firm bum. (see my pics)


We entered this old-fashioned shoe store and immediately a man about 40 approached her to offer his help. She selected a few pairs of shoes and sat down. The man kneeled in front of her knees opening and said he needed to measure her feet first. With that she took off her shoes and I could see her loose dress was above mid thigh. It was like she was sitting on her bare bum, she didn't tuck the dress down before she sat. 


The man took her foot and lifted it up he know had a full view of her soft bare *****. I could see him taking his time as held held her little naked feett in his hands and trying to not make it obvious what he was looking at. He placed her foot in the measuring thing and causing her knees to separate even more. And then did it with other foot, after he said, sometimes people have different size feet.  Then he got the shoes, about 6 pairs. This guy was going to make sure he saw that sweet ***** as much as he could and my wife was going to let him.

He carefully put her bare feet in all 6 pairs of shoes. She got up and walked around him back and forth several times trying out each pair. He remained kneeled and watched her pace around, fling her skirt up and pose. He got to see her bare smooth legs and up under her skirt. And every time she returned to the chair he was waiting as she plopped down her little bare bum carelessly in front of him.


This was 1995 and having a bald ***** was considered a fetish. She loved the shocked expression on peoples faces when they saw her exposed bald mound. She told me later, "imagine when he saw up my dress, expecting to maybe see some panties, but saw no panties and NO HAIR".  

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woo hoo - good times - I need to get a shoe sales

all your stories are getting better and better....thanks!!!

Wow, I think I would have *** in my pants. These pics are so sexy.