Yes, Im A C******...

I will openly admit it to anyone who asks... I am a total **** when it comes to ***. I especially luv it when I feel a beautiful **** beginning to stiffen, and then swell, and then that final thrust deep inside me followed by the wonderful treat! It feels oh sooo good to feel the sensation of warm, creamy goo filling me.
sexxydevil sexxydevil
31-35, F
21 Responses Jan 12, 2013

I just love a *** filled women!

The only thing better is to see the white cream leaking out.... ;~)

WOW ! so you enjoy BBC?

yes... agree with you too

doesnt it just

You are a sexxydevil

Always nice when a woman knows, and admits what she likes

Almost takes my breath away!

I love a woman and I seperating knowing that her walls are coated in my ***...

nothing better than being filled deep

That is a very hot description. The final thrust is the best.

its triggered by feeling your cervix spasm........can I fill you....

Wonderful description of bare back ******* ! it is equally stimulating when my lady lover **** all over my **** . it usaully makes me explode deep inside of her ! win win for both the man and his lady !

mmmm making me throb as I read this....

mmm, love to fill your sweet wet ***** with all my hot creamy ***. xx

oh yes

i luv *** swallowers :)

i'd love to *** deep inside you ***** !!! with my hard **** !

hi want to be friends ? you are smoking hot. add if you like

well i guess I don't trip your trigger lol. have fun .I will.

I love the way you think. Please add me. Thanks.

beautiful hun :) i know i feel the same way!