My Girlfriend

nobody has cummed in my *** for a very long time but my girlfriend on the other hand is a different story. whenever we **** i tell her im about to *** and ask her where she wants it, sometimes she wants it shooting down her throught, or just on her tounge, or on her face to be my *** ****, on her **** so i can either lick it off or she can rub it in, but the best place she wants it is either in her ***** or up her ***. she begs for it, she wants to feel my hot *** inside of her oozing around. if i *** in her ***** i eat it out of her, and if its up her *** she just squats over my face and the *** leaks out into my mouth, and sometimes ill leave it in my mouth and give it to her to taste
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Jan 21, 2013