I Love It

I love when a guy is ******* inside of my ***** ! The best feeling in the world!
Jess4213 Jess4213
22-25, F
22 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Oh yes it's heavenly to feel yr ***** tissues grip my rod as I squirt inside you ...and for you to feel the warmth ***** as they crash into your vaginal walls


Good girl

mmmm, love to feel you *******, contracting around my male member ...Very exciting!!

I would dump a load in your **** !

I love it when my bareback **** is deep inside a tight ***** shooting hot ***

I love it when a guy is ******* in me as well, I am not real particular as to which opening is being used, I am happy being filled.

Good Girl... Take that ***

I'd Love 2 fill Ya up with my *** aswell Baby !! Add me Thanks Beautiful .

theres nuthing better hun id love to get to no u plz add me i love that u like a guy filling u full of ***!

How did it feel the first time you felt that pulse inside you . . . do you always take it bareback?

I love ******* in a ladys *****.

I bet there are many volunteers!!! Enjoy

Wanna try me on for size? I can pulse deeper than the average man and know how to give you pleasure while doing it...

I love to fill a ***** up with ***. I never want to pull out.

I couldn't agree more... such a wonderful feeling!

totaly agree love. said it a million times..... if you know then you know.... if you have never felt it you will never understand :)

I love to play with her after all slit a.d wet lick lick

i can offer you my ***

would like to fill urs wz hot ***

Nothing better then the feel of ******* deep in side a hot wet *****

Mm! Lov to do that to u!

Feels good for guys too