My favourite part while making love is the last 30 seconds before he is about to ***. His strength, roughness, moans, heavy breathing. I feel his body heat. In that instance he just turns to a different man. He is so raw and animalistic its so sexy. He will pump himself faster, push deeper, harder, rougher with all his might. By then he is in his zone, selfish and will not take a "no" from me anymore...
As a woman all I could do is just give in and let myself go and feel how much bigger harder and deeper he is inside me.

Then suddenly he would grab me really hard, pushed himself so deep inside it wonderfully hurts, feeling all his body muscles tightened and turns rock hard, paused for 2-3 seconds, then I hear loud moan out of him and feel him twitch and burst inside for few seconds... OMG it's such an amazing feeling i tell you!...
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It is for us too

amazing!,,hell yeahhh...............

You are such a turn on

whoo hoo, i was the 100th heart of this story. do i get a prize?

I swear every time I read this I get vein popping hard! And you describe those last 30sec perfectly! I'd love to have that experience with you;)

honestly every men is different but most feels like this. yes and it's a wonderful feel

Well you certainly describe how I behave perfectly;) keep writing please!

WOW.....My aunt can always tell when I'm about to *** to....

wow. I love your description there.


And almost always, I get chill bumps on my *** cheeks, not sure why but I do !

hmmm interesting....

mmmm very hot. ....I want to do that rite now !

there is no better feeling in this world !. you have described it perfectly !

Just made me hard reading that. Wish it was me in you. Would love to hear you moan in return

I don't know, I always feel stronger. Now that he has orgasmed inside me, he's like a little baby.

That's so true! Kinda makes me think that men wants to portray strength and dominance yet they actually soft inside... Luv your response. Thanks dear

And l latch on and suckle you as we come down from our orgams! mmmm

I'd love to lay a load up against your cervix so it can sip on it

just curious, but have you considered writing stories in this genre. It pays between $5,000 and $10,000 per novel and the novels aren't very big. Paperbacks mostly.

I like you already :)

love the way you put that

description beautiful and sensual

Yep...sounds about right, I'm much the same way when I'm pumping my wife full of ***,..she loves it too!!

Who doesn't!;)

Hot! Husband or lover?

:):) either.... Lover feels better thou;);) lol

Is that the white guy you told about later?


feels good on my end too.

Great description... that moment often causes my wife to ****** .

How awesome to be so in touch with what gets you off, I know someone who could learn from this!

Such an amazing description.. Sounds like you have had this pleasure many many times.. ;)xoxox


Very nice