You, The Same Dog The Same Tricks.

You look at me different and when you hold me, I cannot fell loved.

I tell you what I feel - you interrupt and finish the sentence. 

Oh you are always right. You with your same script, always predictable, I know it well.
Run, run, run sweet heart, from the two of us you were who always ran faster.
Take whatever you want, but please Go. You will never take my tears with you.
So please GO!! Don’t look back…you have done this before, Now I don’t give a dam
I have been in this scene before, I tell you now with sorrow… Not with me anymore.
So many “Good byes” another poem, another letter is not worthless anymore.
I gave you all the love I could give, but it was never enough.
The same dog, the same tricks oh no! I know them all.
One of my favorite songs is call Corre (run) sang in Spanish by Jesse and Joy and translated the best I could.
MyNameIsCecilia MyNameIsCecilia
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2 Responses Nov 18, 2011

whoah this is awesome. its like your giving yourself away raw, uncut , bearing with open arms take or leave it kind of way. great job!


I'm sorry to hear these words have applied to your life. Nice lyrics but sad.

Not any more...But I like it very much!

I'm glad to hear that.