Especially The Ones Which Are Completely Meaningless.

My friend and I always get into really deep conversations about the most irrelevant things imaginable. Things which most of the time make absolutely no sense. In fact the discussions aren't even about what we're talking about - they're about trying to think of things in new and different ways. Each of us always puts forward different ideas about how to think of something, and then we argue it out - often changing ideas mid-way through. Most of the ways we think about these things are complete nonsense - being either illogical or completely impossible - but still we argue them. Why? We do it because we enjoy the chance to think about everyday mundane things in new and interesting ways. And it even gives us the chance to think ludicrously. Usually these discussions are pretty spontaneous. They often happen when we're walking between lessons and it really annoys our other friends. They just seem to think we're arguing about nothing and they get really aggravated about it. They just can't seem to understand it. I always find it funny how worked up they get about it.
wardy131 wardy131
18-21, M
Jul 20, 2010