Deep Or Engaging Conversations With Like-Minded People

Honestly there's nothing more rewarding than engaging in a conversation with someone in a deep, meaningful way. To be able to talk about many different things fluidly and in depth with little to no effort. It feels so soothing and natural. It really brings this sense of connectivity between me and that person.To be able to get past the bullshit and superficiality of an awesome, awesome feeling to experience. It energizes me to connect in a thought provoking way through mental or emotional stimulation. Whether it be shared ideas or just to banter for doesn't really matter. This is something that I lack in my life and that I believe is essential in the friendships I want to seek. There's no one I can talk to on that level that understands that feeling or that need. In my experience, the more superficial and meaningless the connection or conversation...the more drained I feel from the interaction. I for one, appreciate people who think past the surface, who want to learn, grow, seek, and obtain knowledge and wisdom. Without it, what is the point of a connection outside a business transaction?
Moonjava Moonjava
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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

I feel what you wrote, because I wrote the following diary entry on 10 Dec 2012

"16 years ago, first I felt and thought very differently to everybody, I pushed back a lot of ideas. And now it’s not much different. It’s important to me. I need that frequent deeper connection with people. It’s recharging. If it doesn’t happen, I’ll drain out over time.

I thought I could ignore the calling and live a normal life. But it’s not working out. Steady job, relationship, life is depressing. I’m trying, I have more patience. But it’s just stressing me out, killing me over time. Life is a great teacher. It gives you the lesson over and over again, until you’ve learnt it. I haven’t learnt my lesson. I know the information but I haven’t put it to solid practice.

I write all this down so if whenever I have any doubt about what I’m giving up by living my own way, I can read this and be certain.

I must feel connected. I function best when I am. I’ll always be the immature guy. People can laugh. But I am myself. I can’t live without a close connection.

I should not commit to anything unless I’m “heartfeltly” sure. That it energizes, moves and stimulates me. It goes for events and people. Marriage and family is not for me at this point in life. I can’t promise a deadline. I know if I did, I can’t keep it. it’s always the better policy to be honest upfront than regretting later on."