The Photo Night

Dave always liked to be around my wife he knew that my wife and I have had a 3some with a friend of ours and also wanted to have one with her, the hard part was my wife did not want anyone to know what she did so I told Dave that we would have to come up with a plan to do it, this was the idea he came up with.

He asked me what if I bring over my photo equipment some night do you think she would pose for me?   I said I would ask and she if she would, when her and I talked about it his idea she said why would he want to do that ? I don't take good photos? I said he just asked if he could I can tell him your not interested she said well I just don't take good photos but maybe. So I set it up for the weekend I told Dave that he would have to kind of seduce her some how he said he will come up with something and just go along with it.

Friday came around he came over after work we had dinner and she said well I still don't know why you want to do this but I will go shower and get dressed. When she came down she had on a short dress nylons with garter she looked great Dave had his equipment all set up and had her pose many ways then he asked her to put on other stuff she said well come see what I have and pick something out. Now my wife does not have anything sexy just some pull over nighties and one garter belt, Dave picked out some things and took many photos then he had her just put on a dress shirt of mine with the garter belt, when she came out with that on it was like damn that's nice.

He had her in different poses and opened the first few buttons and pulled the top to the side showing the top of her breast then he opened the next one and her nipple showed well she pulled it closed quick he tried to open it again but she said her boobs are to small to show, he tried to change her mind but that wasn't going to work.

He was getting good shots of leg and very high on her thigh showing the garter he had her sit with her legs crossed and would slowly pull the top up her leg every time he did it he would rub her leg for a second, I could tell she liked it she would just smile at him. He did the let me help you relax a bit and rubbed her neck ( I had told him that was something we did to start the 3some)  when she told him to keep rubbing if felt good I had a feeling that this may work so I said we can hold off for a while on the photos so you can relax they both liked that idea.  I got up to turn down the lights and told them I would be back with something to drink when I came back in  Dave was behind her and had his one hand on the back of her neck and was rubbing around to the front of her shirt with the other, I also told Dave that if he kissed her neck or ears she would melt I think he was trying to see if she would go for it so he moved around and sat next to her she thought he was stopping he just said no just a better spot, he took up where he left off with his hands then he put his head on her shoulder and rubbed her arm she sat there for awhile then kind of leaned her head onto his and then rested her hand on his leg I could see her fingers moving like rubbing his leg,  Dave looked at me and I gave him a nod that she was good to go, He moved his head back and gave her a kiss on the neck a few times her eyes were closed now then as he moved to her ear she leaned her head over to the other side so he could have at it, as he kissed her ear he rubbed up her arm to her shoulder then went to the open top and slowly moved his hand down inside her shirt he had his hand on her *** and she started to ooohhh some then he unbuttoned the rest of the shirt and kissed his way down to her breast.

Her hand was rubbing up his leg now and she whispered something to him next thing he is undoing his pants and her hand is pulling at his pants I am just looking on still enjoying the view he got up long enough to pull them off she was rubbing his **** and he was removing her shirt then he went put his hands between her legs and started to rub her *****, he had her lean back and he replaced his fingers with his tongue I came over now to suck her **** and she told me to take off my pants so she could suck me I did as I was told, after he made her *** he got up and she told he that she wants to suck his **** and he better give it to her, he did when we made it to the floor she was soaked and wanted more I also knew Dave always wanted to **** her in the *** so I could tell that was his goal he had his finger in her ***** and then moved it to her *** she did not say no so he put it in she really moaned load and her hips came up so he could do it more then she lifted her legs back to her shoulders he got in between her legs and put his **** in her ***** to get it wet then slid to her ***, she said please go slow and he did after he was in and she got used to it she kept telling him to **** her harder he said that he wanted to do it from behind so she got up and turned around so he could **** her dogie style I sat in front of her as he put his **** in her *** again she started to suck me hard but kept stopping to say don't stop and how good it felt.

 She came many times as he ****** her after he came she sucked my **** like she never sucked before when I came she swallowed every drop.

He must have dumped allot of *** in her when he came in her *** when I got up his **** was still in her but I could see *** on the floor under her from him and when he did pull out it came out like crazy. Dave spent the weekend Sat.night was great and Sun.was great. 

 On Sunday night she did say that he came to much for her to swallow it all I could see it in her hair on her neck and **** but he did enjoy the deep throat     

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Ok I will get the photos and download them. Now none are nude so don't get mad.

would love to see photos taken that night!

Would really like to see the photos. You can buy a slide scanner which would scan negatives as well.

No I should have got the cam to record the night but I got to involved to think about it. She did let me take some photos of her as I gave her a massage after that day but all I have left are the neg. from the film. Someday I will have new photos made from them and can share them here

Great story.. was hoping you grabbed his camera to record the evening! bill in va.

A massage goes a long way to get things going

thanks for your comment. It is very hot to see her get ******. The best part is the seduction to see him kiss her then work his hands inside her top to play with her **** then when he opens the buttons to suck them and you know the rest.

Love this story, many of my past experiences sharing a girlfriend with a friend of mine started with a massage to loosen things up!