The Photo Guy Dave

This was another fun Friday and Saturday night with Dave about 5 years ago. I had told my wife that Dave said he would like to come over some night and take up from the last time he was over( now the last time was about  6 months after the photo night) she said sure and she would like to see him again so I worked it out so he came over that Friday around 7:00pm we sat around on the couch and talked for a little while, Dave was sitting close to her and would rub her neck as we talked. She was enjoying the neck rub but still had her shirt and pants on from the morning so after some more talk she excused herself to take a shower. Dave and I both washed up then sat and talked waiting for her to come back he did say that one of the many things he liked about her was when her tongue went in your mouth you knew it because she put it all the way to the back of your throat, he also liked the way she would moan while kissing, I said I know what you mean. She finally came back to the room with just a top on it went to above her knees but we liked it. She asked if we missed her and said hell yes.

She sat down between us and kind of leaned over on Dave he put his arm around her and rubbed her arms and sides they would make comments about the fake boobs on the girls in the movie,  she rested her hand on his leg and he kind of moved her so he could kiss her neck a few times she was enjoying it and rubbed his leg in return, the more he kissed her the higher her hand went she finally had to turn around so she could reach her hand inside his  his jogging pants and rub his **** now she had her tongue in his mouth and he had her boobs in his hand she was kind of laying across him facing him so I reached over and ran my hand up her leg only to meet his hand on her ***** already.

I was so turned on looking at them I just sat back to enjoy, Dave pulled her top up so he could suck her nipples I thought she was going to pull his **** off him the way she was going at it then she pushed him back and started kissing his neck then chest, belly and right to his **** she got off the couch and went to the floor and was on her hands and knees giving him a great ******* I moved in behind her to lick her ***** and found it very very wet I pulled her underware off and Dave pulled her top off it didn't take long for her to ***, then Dave moved to the floor she had Dave lay down so she could suck his **** better, she would suck his **** then lick his balls right to his *** then suck him again, he made her stop so he wouldn't *** then she moved over to me and started sucking me while Dave layed down under her ***** he licked her from ***** to ***, when he licked her *** she would stop sucking me and just push her *** on his face and tell him how good it felt.

Dave knew how much she liked her *** played with from the first time as he was licking her *** she would rub her ***** he just got up and knelt down behind her and started to put his **** in her *** or he started and she pushed her *** back to him, as he ****** her she sucked me but I have to say I was enjoying the moaning from her as Dave ****** her *** so as she sucked me she was also rubbing her ***** Dave said he was going to *** she stopped sucking me and was rubbing her ***** telling him to fill her *** with his *** I have to say that they both came together after he came she finished sucking me off I don't *** that much so it was easy for her to swallow my load.

We all layed around for awhile then got up to shower that was Friday night he stayed until Sunday morning I will tell you about Saturday next.  

slopoke6927 slopoke6927
51-55, M
Mar 1, 2010