Saturday With Dave The Photo Guy

After the Friday night fun Dave and I were planning what we should do for Saturday my wife knew we would come up with something good she said just let her know what we come up with, Dave was the one with all the ideas I have to agree I liked what he came up with and so did the wife.

First  we had to set  up a sitter for the kids the wife called the lady who we usually take the kids to and asked if she could watch the boys for the night due to we were going out and would not be back until late she said she was open for the night and bring the kids over after 6:00

The plan was we were going to the lounge at the hotel in town have some drinks and dance some, Dave suggested that the wife put on a skirt and top nothing fancy and maybe the garter she had on the first night Dave seduced her she was game.

During the day the kids were out playing so Dave would flirt with her every chance he could I knew she liked it a few times I saw him give her quick kisses and rub her *** it was all good fun and as long as she enjoyed it I was fine with it.

A few times she was the one making the moves on him like she walked by him and rubbed his **** I would get a few rubs too I told them you keep this up and were going to be ******* he said that's OK with him I said we need to save it for tonight.

Dave and I went outside after awhile to cool down and he asked me if he could try and get a little play-full with her at the lounge he said maybe he could play under the table and see what she does I liked the idea and said lets keep that to ourselves for now.

 So later I got the kids ready I got them dinner while the wife and Dave got ready, when Dave was done he came down and stayed with the kids so I could get ready, I looked at the wife and she was looking dam good nice dress and top and yes the garter I showered and dressed in record time so we could go we dropped the kids off for the night and headed to the bar.

My wife was sitting between Dave and I in the car we were all just talking and Dave was telling her how nice she looked and he liked the perfume she had on,  he had his hand on her leg and would rub up and down her thigh just a little,  she  told him behave yourself we have all night.

When we got to the lounge Dave found the perfect table in the corner kind of out of the way the wife sat down and we sat on each side of her.

We ordered our drinks and checked the place out as Dave and I talked we had to lean over her to hear each other because the music was loud, when a slow song came on Dave asked her to dance I could see they were close but nothing bad he kissed her a few times quick and she would put her head back on his shoulder.

After the dance they came back and we talked more and they drank more they did most of the drinking I had my one and then went to pop, they were dancing alot and now when the slow ones came on there was more kissing.

When they sat back down she gave me one hell of a kiss and asked if I was ok I told I was fine and I enjoy watching you two, as Dave and I leaned over her to talk we were facing each other he moved his eyes in a way for me to look down when I did it was kind of dark but I seen his hand rubbing her leg just above her knee I smiled and moved my leg so it was close to her leg we kept talking to her and each other she was all smiles he leaned over and kissed her just a quick one and we kept talking.

I kept looking down now to see how he was doing her dress was up higher than before and his hand was moving up slowly,then I felt her leg move into mine some I looked down and his hand was under the hem of her dress I put my arm around her and asked her if she was ok she looked at me and said I'm fine then she put her hands down to her sides and on our legs she started to rub my leg and Dave's I could now feel her leg pushing mine harder I looked down and Dave must have had his hand on her ***** now because she was starting to rub our ***** I was so glad that no one was around us things were getting to hot I asked them if they wanted to go and they both said yes, as soon as we got to the car and pulled away Dave put his arm around her and started to kiss her she put her hand on his leg and rubbed it as they kissed and in turn Dave started to rub her leg then he slid his hand under her dress and I could hear her moan so I knew he had her.

I'm glad we were far enough away from town that no one was out driving

I told them to keep it up I was enjoying the show he took his hand out and started to unbutton her top so he could play with her **** she was getting hornier by the minute so I reached over to rub her leg she moved over some so I could reach her better, I was having trouble getting my hand up her dress so she lifted up some and Dave pulled her skirt up for me now I could get my finger in her as I played Dave had his tongue deep in her mouth and was working on taking her top off once it was off he took off her bra she told me I better not get us stopped.

Now she is almost naked I have my fingers in her and Dave is now sucking her **** he put his hand by mine to rub her ***** so I moved mine she was trying to get his zipper down to play with his **** he reached down and opened his pants for her she pulled his **** out leaned over and started to suck his **** the seat belt was giving her hell so it came off then she went back to sucking him.

I reached over and played with her ***** then her *** I had a finger in both she was moaning like crazy I told them that we were almost home and to compose them selves she said just pull in the garage so no one sees us.

Once in the house it was a free for all she could not get enough of us she sucked licked grabbed tried to suck us both at the same time we had fingers in her and she was ******* more and more then Dave sat down and she jumped on him and put his **** in her ***** and rode him hard I stood next to her so she could suck me after she came again she told me to sit and jumped on me Dave in-turn got his **** sucked then he went behind her and lubed up her *** with his spit and her *** I felt him put his finger in her *** and she leaned forward onto me more then Dave put his **** in her damn I though she was going to snap my **** off she was moving so hard onto his **** that mine was hurting.

I told them let me move so you too can **** better this hurts so she got on her hands and knees and Dave ****** her *** or she ****** him, the one thing about Dave is when he **** you know it he must store it because it was coming out of her *** while he was ******* her.

When he pulled out I went right to her ***** and ****** her until I came.

Well that was our night some things did take a bit longer to happen I cut out some parts.

Oh we did shower and Dave slept with us well we did get to sleep at some point


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Mar 11, 2010