Another Night With Dave

This night was a few years later we had moved from one town to another, Dave and I were still close friends but had not seen each other for a long time, we knew that we would get together at some point.  as luck would have it we ended up working the same job the first thing he asked was if he could come over like old times I told him I don't see why not and I would let the wife know. That night I told her that Dave was on the same job I was working and he would like to come down to see the new house,  she liked the idea and said ask him if he can make it that Friday because the kids were going to a friends house for the night I said I will ask him.

The next day I asked Dave if he could make it over that Friday he said Friday was great so I gave him a map to the new house, he said why don't I just follow you home after work I said that will work the rest of the week was hell I couldn't wait for Friday night.

After work Friday I called and asked the wife if she would like to meet for dinner close to the house, she said she made something and just come home so that's what we did, when we got to the house she was hugging and kissing him and said it has been to long and he needs to come over more, he told her how much he missed her and he would do his best to get by more to see her.

So we sat down to eat and talked about what was he doing since we last seen each other, after dinner Dave went to take a shower and I went to the other one, the wife had just got done with her shower when we got home. After we came back down from our showers it was still early so we went into town for ice cream, the ride into town was nice her in between Dave and I and her talking up a storm about how she missed him and he needs to come around more same as dinner talk, he was flirting the whole way in and just said why don't you show me how much you missed me?

She looked at him and said oh I will just wait he laughed and said ok I can only try to wait,  we pulled into the ice cream stand and went and got our cones we stayed there and talked until we were done it was getting dark now so we left and headed back to the house Dave put his arm around her and pulled her close to him she turned and kissed him and what a kiss as she was trying to choke him with her tongue her hand was rubbing his **** he didn't waist time he started to unbutton her top once it was open he lifted her **** out of her bra and  played with them.

I told them we would be home in a second so they just played around like that.

Once home she said she would be down in a minute and went up to the bed room,  while Dave and I waited for her we changed into jogging paints he was telling me that he had never been with someone that gets as horny as she does and how its not just sex she puts her heart into it, I told him that she told me that if we were going to do this with you she wanted to always make it special for you.

When she came down she had on her baseball shirt with the buttons and that's it I wanted to jump her the second she walked in the room but said why don't you two pick up where you left off in the car so she sat next to Dave and they started kissing again this time he worked his hand up her thigh and enjoyed that she did not have anything on under the top, she was soaked I could hear his fingers in her ***** then he pulled them out and started to unbutton her top she was working to get his pants off between kisses after awhile he had her top off and she has his pants off.

They ended up on the floor rolling around with each other they went from sucking, eating, *** play to fingers then she got on his **** and rode him for awhile then sucked him again, after abit I said lets add something different tonight she asked like what I said I will be right back and went up stairs to her night stand and got her vibrator and brought it down and just handed it to Dave and said she likes this too he loved the idea and couldn't wait to try it he had her lay down and he started to play with her **** with it she loved it she told him he was doing it just right not to hard not to soft then he put it in her ***** and started to lick her **** that put her over the top, I think he had cuts behind his ears from her nails as she pulled his head into her *****.

He told her that was only the start he had her sit on his face so he could lick her **** more and she could suck him I went over behind her and took the vibrator from Dave and started to put it in her ***, poor Dave I felt sorry for his face as she was ******* I think she almost smothered him, she did suck him so hard that he came she could not swallow it all so there was a little mess but she did continue to suck him until he was hard again.

She asked Dave if he would please **** her in the *** Dave did not need her to ask again he did first have her turn to me sitting on the chair and asked her to suck my **** while he ****** her so after my **** was deep in her throat Dave started to **** her ***** she asked him if he knew he was in the wrong hole well not the wrong hole but ,  he told her to just enjoy it start in her ***** first he reached over and put the vibrator in her *** as he ****** her now she was glad he was in the wrong hole she moaned and screamed and rode him good after she came about 10 times he said now he will find the right hole and just pulled out of her ***** and right in her *** she loved it I loved the sucking I was getting I tried to hold out but couldnt and came I don't *** much so she never stops sucking me until I am dry, Dave was also ready to blow again she slammed back and forth into him until he filled her *** with his ***.

After a long shower we all sat on the bed and talked she said she really liked the vibrator and thanked me for thinking of it, Dave had his arm around her then layed her back on the bed and started to kiss her as he did he  started to unbutton her top again I went right to her ***** and licked all she just said was oh not again.

After this night we only saw Dave one more time that was about eight years ago. I wish I knew where he was at       

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