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Halo   Resolved Question What was your worst nightmare? My worst nightmare was when I was taking the nicotine patch and I fell asleep with it on, and 2 old men kidnapped me and my sister, and rapped and killed my sister in front of me.


                                           SaratogaGirl   Best Answer I dreamed I was having an affair with Ann Coulter... and one morning I woke up and for a few seconds I honestly thought it was real! EEEEEEEEKKKK!

(The worst part was, she was good!)



rockybear397    Resolved Question Is it wrong to have a man as a friend if your involved?  


 SaratogaGirl   Best Answer No, it's not wrong, it's just difficult. Remember that friendship between two people of different genders and who are both straight means that there is always the possibility of it becoming more. There is always a slight sexual tension. Make sure that your respective romantic interests know about the friendship, and maybe try and have other people around for most get togethers.


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Apr 27, 2009