I love to wrap my body around his  and fall asleep in his arms. I love to feel his skin, it is always so warm. And  He smells so good!! It makes me crazy. He often tries to wear something to bed.. yeah that always lasts for about 10 minutes! LOL!  I could fall asleep like this every night!!! Ahhhhhhhh.

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My wife and I always sleep naked! We love the constant stimulation we have for each other, and since we are married, it is really easy access for our baby making adventures!

Now that the weather is cooling off, do you still sleep naked with your bed buddy? I actually like being naked under the covers when its cool out even more. I haven't worn anything to bed in over a decade.

Sometimes we do and sometimes we don't.
I like the nights when we go to bed with our clothes on and wake up naked together.
I love having a cold room and a warm bed!

My husband and I have always slept in the nude. I am addicted to the feel of his skin against mine. To me, there's no better feeling in the world.

Very nice subject. I totally agree about sleeping nude. I always do although I don't have a parther to cuddle nude at the moment. A great way to be close and appreciate the other person.

Sounds like she knows how to make you happy :)<br />
That's cool. I like hear the stories about wives who still love to touch their husbands, many couples just don't do that enough anymore. <br />
Thanks for your comment swl2jo, "sleep tight" :) lol!

Since I travel for work I have to fall asleep with my own hand wrapped around my **** about 3 nights/week. Definately not the same.

My wife loves me sleeping nude too. She's pretty cold natured and wants my warm skin pressing against her. Sometimes she'll fall asleep with my **** in her hand. Of course I don't tell her because I like it so much, but it's impossible to fall asleep with a woody. Instead, after she falls asleep she releases her grip then I'm able to sleep.

What a nice, sweet story! Thank you for sharing it!

That is so sweet. I like that too! :)

I to love spooning naked with my man. With his arms around me or mine around his. How ever it is something that I miss.... Me around him. because of reasons I can't sleep on my right side right now and so there fore I can't spoon my man. And I miss it. But I still get to enjoy the wonderful feeling of him around me. Thanks for sharing your story.

I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.<br />
Ahhhhhhhhh! I love to pressed together, hearing his heart beat and how he breaths. It puts me to sleep. It is so wonderful.

There is not much that compares to snuggling naked with your partner and drifting off to sleep... I love the feel of my wife as she snuggles into my arms at night.