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My Husband Lets Other Men Pimp Me

It was during a big trade show weekend. My parents had agreed to take the kids for the weekend and my husband was invited to spend the weekend with another couple. I'd been dating a guy who, among other things, making a few bucks from me. The kids were already gone and my husband was just getting ready to leave when my man showed up. We were having a drink together and my husband asked if he had any particular plans for me. My man looked at me and with a totally straight face, asked me, "U feel like makin some money tonight?" "Emmmmaybe," I smiled, "Whatta have in mind?". "The trade show, hit some of the lounges?" I smiled a big "YES", and said, "Yeah, I'm game." Just then my husbands cell rang. I could tell by the look on his face that it wasn't good news. "What's up?", I asked. "They have company and it's going to b a while." He frowned. "That sucks", I said, "How long?" "They'll call, might be awhile but, we're deffinately on. Just going to be a little later, that's all." "Why don't you come with us?" my man said, "Just leave from there?" "Yeah!", I said, "Come on, be fun". "Lets do it", he smiled. He grabbed his bag and off we went. Normally my head would have been in my man's lap as soon as we hit the street but, no could do under the circumstances...gotta b fresh. My husband followed in his car and also followed from a distance as we entered the upscale n surefire lounge. It was crouded but my man it tall and spied a seat at the back, farside of the bar. My husband trailed behind as we made our way to the single seat. Immediately upon seeing me, the guys parted to give me/us access to the seat. It was actually one of the guys seated beside me who flagged a bartender for us. I took special care to seat myself slowly, my attention directed accross the bar, not on my overexposed, nicely spread legs. My man ordered for us as I tried to be inconspicuous about locating my husband and smiling at those surrounding us. He was close, over my left shoulder. The man who'd flagged the bartender was looking at my hand, my wedding ring. "How long u been married?, he asked. "Pardon me?, I questioned, buying myself some time. Just as I thought, he nodded to my man and repeated the question. My drink came and he insisted on paying for both. My man raised his glass and nodded. My man is black and I found his inquiry of marriage to be very telling. "We're not married", I said, leaning slightley toward him. "I am but, he's not my husband". "I see', he replied, with a hint of a smile. He and the guys directly behind us had an unobstructed view of my lace nylpn tops and the g-belt snap of my crossed left leg. My man was engaged in conversation with the guy seated next to him and another standing behind me. They were already interested. "So, what do you do?", the guy asked me. I hesitated, looked into his eyes and just smiled for 4 or 5 seconds. I couldn't hear my man. I looked to my left and my husband winked. I turned my eyes back to the guy and said, "Depends". He nodded slightly and a knowing smile formed on his face. "I'd do him", I thought to myself. He sat back slightly and let his eyes roam freely over me, right down to my heels. Then he leaned in and wispered "So, what's something like this going to cost me?" I cocked my head slightly and said, "Depends". "This the man?", he asked, referring to my bull. I nodded, smiled a little smile and said, "Un huh". He nodded, "OK". I asked him if he wanted to talk to him and he said, "Yeah", and gave me a little satisfied wink. I turned in my seat and tugged on my man's shirt. "My friend wants to talk to you when you have a minute". I wispered in his ear. As he turned toward me, the two men he'd been talking to started to leave. "What's up?". I asked him as the two passed by my husband and headed toward the door. He leaned to me and wispered, "You're doin doubles, room 1023, 5 minutes." "Cool", I smiled. "He wants to talk to you too", I wispered. My husband moved in to take the vacant seat so, my man and I switched seats so He could talk to the client while I talked to my husband. "So?", my husband asked. "Those 2 that just left n I I'm gonna have to go." "You look great," he said. I wanted to give him a kiss but, I couldn't cause my guy was negotiating beside us. I got up to leave and gave the other guy a big smile. "Later babe", I said to my man. "Be good ****", he responded. "Always", I winked back. Bottom line is, I love when my husband can be involved in any of my extramarital encounters.
Jennifer469 Jennifer469 26-30, F 12 Responses Feb 8, 2012

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That's awesome. Thanks for sharing your experience ;-)

Very nice I want my wife used that way I want her to suck strange ****

Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect Talk 2 her.

Talk 2 her. U have 2 communicate.

great story thanks

very sexy, sounds fun!

plz addd me luv ur profile pic

That is sooooo slutty and hot. I have always dreamed about my wife ******* for money!

Everything about it turns me on, everything! Something a girl has to do when she's young enough to attract the big money.

Well. it looks like you can still get the big money, but I like the idea of having Karen get ****** for any amount! Even $20! I would love to call her a ***** afterwards as I **** her and then eat her *****!

Have you talked 2 her about it? 3 of my very closest gf's tried it after I told them I was. Two of their husbands already knew but the third wasn't suprised. I'm being totally honest when I say, it's a tremendous ego boost. I wouldn't consider the $20 a good start though. As her husband, you could pimp her, negotiate with the guy and make up the difference if you didn't think it was enough. I've known husbands to actually pay the tab just to get the wives started. If you negotiate for her, she doesn't have to know. Tell her the guy will give $100 for a bj. When you get home give her $50. Whatever works. Use your imagination and TALK TO HER. Who knows, maybe she's already thought about it.?

with a hot bod like yours I bet you get plenty of offers, so what did it cost and what did you do?

I don't know what they charge or the guys pay. Do what's asked of me. Appreciate the comp., TY

oh my..lucky guys..Jennifer, you're adorable

Your husband is a very lucky man!

I would love to by your husband............

Well, having fun AND getting paid for it sounds like a win win situation.

Very much so. xx

Well I'm sure the night got very interesting and was very profitable at the same time .I would love to hear more. check your mail i got a little surprise for you.

My absolute best times r those when my husband can take part, even in the smallest way like this. And, yes, it was a very good night. xx