Exposing My Wife

i've bought great bras with very low tops. she shows a lot of cleavage. i've gotten her a top she has to wear braless. her chest is bare from shoulder to shoulder with it cut way down past the bottom of her ****. if she moves a certain way her nipples shows. she doesn't reallize it and i didn't tell her. once at a restaurant the male young [probably 16 or 17] waiter took her order with both of her nipples showing and most of her ****.she didn't adjust her top.the next table of guys spent the whole time waiting for her nipples to show which was pretty regular.
once on a trip to mexico she let me shave her ***** one night and said she would let me expose her to the other guys in the pool bar.
it didn't work out the next day and she didn't think she could go thru with it. but she let me adjust her bottoms so that she had one ***** lip exposed. we was talking to a couple of guys we meet eariler and was standing in the ocean and waves would crash down on her and she stood up and half of her ***** would show. she wouldn't fix her bottoms and stand there letting these strangers looking at here *****. it was so hot i loved it.
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Sexy as hell.

Sounds like great fun.

my boyfriend likes exposing me for others to view

I would like to join and feel softness of her boobs and firmness of nipples.

You want what I want! <br />
I want my wife's back to be massaged by some of the guys at the bar. She should be the one to chose the guys. J sits at the bar with wine to drink while this goes on. OH BOY!

i would love to stand my wife on top of a bar and ***** her complely naked in front of a bar full of male strangers and let them see my wife naked. i would want her to stand there for a very long time so they can see every detail of her naked body.i want them to see her **** and nipples. i want them to get a good long look at her bare *****. i would want her to turn around so they can see her tight ***. then turn around so they can look at her front again and let them see her ***** and **** again. then have her walk on top of the bar from one side to the other very slowly and stop at each guy so every guy can see her very close. then she gets down off the bar and walks around to every other table and climbs on top of the table so every guy can look up to her *****. then go to the next table and climb on top of it again and do this to every table in the bar. she has to turn slowly around on each table so each and every guy gets a turn looking at her completly naked i what every guy to get a very close and long look at her **** and *****. i want every guy to fantasize about ******* my wife over and over.

I wish I could see her. Wish you could give me a pair of her panties right now and I would rub them on my **** and we could talk about her. And you could show me pictures of her. Would you like that?

yes i would love that i would love for you to see her tight bald ***** wish i could give you a pair of her panties

Send them to me ;)

It would be fun jacking off together while we rubbed ourselves with each other's wife's panties, eh? We could talk about wanting to see our wives ****** by other guys while we jacked off like a couple of ***** boy husbands. (Just for the moment, of course, ha.)

That is so sexy - to jerk off with the other wife's panty.

Have your wife ask every guy in the bar to suck her nipples. Short sucks because there are so many guys. I would love my wife to do walk naked in a bar and let all the guys feel her up and suck her nipples.

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