Although my mum read wonderful stories it will always be my dad that sticks in my head when it comes to this subject. 


When I was 17 I had my tonsils out and picked up a nasty infection afterwards.. I spent the next two weeks throwing up approximately 3 times an hour, every hour and constantly in excruciating pain. To take my mind off this my dad would sit next to me on my bed and read me Terry Pratchett novels, pausing only while I threw up. He even did the voices

It was about 3 months before I was fully better, and those stories really got me through the worst of it!

Unfortunately due to the fever and the amount  of pain killers I was on I don't really remember much of what he read, but I recall his voice being very soothing, and me trying not to laugh as it hurt! 

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Mar 14, 2010