My New Dress and Underwear Set.

My wife and I took a trip today. We took off for a drive and It didn't matter where we ended up. We stopped in Blueridge GA. We looked in all the little shoppes and found a Roses department store. OMG! They had a wonderful selection of sexy winter dresses. We bought her some jeans and me a sexy red knit dress. Its real short and a wonderful low neckline cut, Very Sexy. We both got our own sexy bra and pantie set. I'm wearing my stuff right now. I will have to post some pictures of it on here soon. Wow what a sale. We bought a red dress and fancy butterfly laced jeans, two underwear sets (Sexy) some nice earring sets, and some more Christmas presents for the kids and stayed under a hundred dollars.

It's kinda funny that she got jeans and I got the dress.  I have enough jeans anyway. I NEED MORE DRESSES!!! LOL.

LisaMichaels LisaMichaels
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Oh Roses is a T Girl's dream! Big sizes, affordable prices and a nice range of styles. One of the few stores that still sells full slips and old fashioned 'big girl' panties as well as the cutesy little modern ones, My wife and I buy most of our summer dresses from Roses - at around $15 a pop you can hardly go wrong. Some of the stuff they have when there is a sale on is even cheaper than Goodwill!

Most husbands and Fathers get ties on Fathers day. I get panties, pantyhose, dresses, heels etc from my wife and daughters.

Me too! My lovely wife always buys me something a little girlie as well as the guy stuff

Hi Lisa! It is only Appropriate that your Wife buy herself jeans while she is buying ou a Dress. More of us men need to unbderstand the Great Feelings of wearing skirts and dresses and other feminine Clothing while our wives Encourage us!

What a woman you have, I once thought my wife would be so but she changed her mind. I did everything possible to thank her when she and her daughter bought me a skirt and blouse and I thought she understood. Oh well, I am happy that you have found your special lady.<br />
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so I take it you have a lovely wife who allows you to cross dress, I am jealous,want to share her there are not many of those.Samantha

What a delightful experience! It was such a pleasure to hear about a loving couple standing side by side as she helps you choose and buy these things.

Oh what a great day!...tO HAVE YOUR WIFE SHOPPING WITH YOU AS YOU BUY YOUR GEAR! Buying your Bra sets must give you a buzz when standing next to your good lady!....Say hello from me please and thank her for her acceptance of you!

U got the life . Want 2 trade wives 4 a week ??????????