I Can't Wait To Go Back!

I was normally a jealous guy but a trip to a dance club a few months ago with my wife and two of her friends has sort of flipped a switch in me and I can't wait to go back.

It all started a few months ago when my wife and two of her friends wanted to go to a local dance club. My wife's friends are a single, tall blonde with a nice rack and a cute, married brunette. I can't remember if the reason they wanted to go out was because the blonde had broken up with her boyfriend or something else but I know that as soon as we got to the club my wife made it her mission to go up and introduce her blonde friend to every guy in the place and try to get them to buy her friend a drink (which almost always meant a free drink for her as well).

I was the designated driver so I wasn't drinking and I also don't like to dance because..., well... I suck at dancing. I was hanging back checking out sports news and stuff on my phone and trying to keep an eye on my wife. I also quickly noticed that my wife's brunette friend, although she was drinking with the other girls, was really into playing the whole "Mother Hen" role with the blonde, dragging her away from guys she thought were losers and stuff like that.

My wife's bold approach was successful and a couple of guys kept buying the girls drinks and my wife kept pushing her blonde friend out on the dance floor with this guy or that guy. Up until that night I hated when other guys would buy my wife a drink but watching her rapidly get drunk and dance with her friends was a pretty big turn on so it wasn't really bothering me to watch her start to accept drinks from guys.

My wife and her blonde friend quickly got drunk. The brunette, seeing that it was a losing proposition to keep pulling her blonde friend away from all the guys finally gave up and came to sit by me. I knew that we couldn't stay much longer because my wife and her blonde friend were having a hard time standing up so I told the brunette that we should leave soon so she went and told my wife and the blonde that we were going to leave in 10 minutes or so.

I guess my wife wanted to get one more drink before we left so she went up to a guy, got some drinks and then my wife and the blond went on the dance floor for one last dance. The guy that bought the drinks was dancing with the blonde but one of that guys friends went out on the dance floor and started dancing with my wife. He was grabbing her hips and grinding his crotch into her ***.

At first I couldn't believe she was dancing with another guy right in front of me but that jealousy went away when I saw how hot it was to watch my wife and this guy. I watched them dance for a few minutes all the while hoping he was going to reach up and grab my wife's D cup **** but before anything like that happened the brunette saw my wife. I guess she thought I was going to be pissed so she quickly went over and dragged the girls away and then we left.

Seeing a random guy grind up against my wife and to watch her grind back was such a turn on! I am going to try to take her back to the dance club, just her and me, and see if she'll dance with other guys again. I can't wait!
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2 Responses Jul 24, 2010

it is great that you can enjoy watching her. let her know that you like it.

Sounds like fun, I get where you are coming from! I only wish i could get mine to loosen up so much!