Wife Has Nice Boobs

I love it when she wears a revealing top, I'm always buying her lacy bras or a shelf bra, but she say's they are too uncomfortable, I encourage her to go braless but she is a 38DD so that kinda causes her problems.

But it is great when she does wear the sexy stuff and I notice other guys noticing too!

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they look awesome in your avatar pic

Just gotta love a woman with beautiful big breasts!

My wife loves to wear her shefl bras for me when we go out. They're great under a nice silk blouse or dress, so you can see the shape of the nipples through the silk. She's even teased me a few times by taking strawfuls of ice water from her glass and dribbling them slowly down the blouse over her breasts, so that the silk becomes wet, clings and emphasizes her nipples even more! One night when she was doing this in a classy bar over after-dinner drinks, a guy across the room almost fell off his barstool, and his wife was not too happy! :)<br />
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I think the key to finding comfortable shelf bras that fit well is to look for sources that sell them in bra band/cup sizes, rather than just S-M-L-XL, which never seem to fit well for my wife (36D.) The ones she has where I was able to find a real 36D size are more expensive but fit well, and she loves them! I'll definitely be continuing to buy her more! :)

Your my hero... thanks for trying - don;'t give up...

Any pictures on the way with her sexy stuff?

Hey dropyertop Let us know how that goes with her shelf bra!!!

Haha!! I just went to adam and eve store ( in the states) and bought my wife a shelf bra last night! I cant wait to see her nipples, over the top of the half/quarter cups!

How about a "peek-a-boo" bra that will support her but fully expose her nipples?

It makes me and my wife horny when other males looks at her, touches her when we are out. <br />
<br />
It is a real turn on watching her dance dirty with another man, who is touching her bottom and boobs.<br />
<br />
She often dresses up for other men, sexy thight clothes showing her sexy figure.

when we go to the mall she always wears no bra or any underwear. when dudes start to stare i grab her **** and spank her *** just so they know im boning this *****

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I just bought my wife a shelf bra can't wait to try it out<br />