Sexy Mini Skirt

I especially love it when my wife wears sexy mini skirts.

If you haven't read my other stories yet, then let me describe her. She's petite, about 5' 3" and weighs about 110 pounds. She is very fit and toned. Her boobs are small but her pierced nipples are long and stay hard. She keeps her ***** completely shaved.

There's one time we had gone out of town about two hours away. Just a short weekend getaway to "rest" but of course more to have some naughty fun. The hotel we were staying at had a bar with a free happy hour, so she got dressed up in a white mini skirt (no panties) and a cute shirt that showed about two or three inches of her sexy flat stomach. Her shirt was fairly loose fitting, and you can see down it if she bends just so. Her skirt was just long enough to cover the crease in her ***, unless she bent over at all. When she was ready, I told her to go ahead of me and I would follow her in soon. I waited about half an hour before I went in. When I walked into the bar, she was sitting at a table with a man. She saw me and waved me over. The man stood and introduced himself to me, asking if he should leave. I assured him it was OK to stay and visit.

After a brief conversation, he said his friends were at the back of the bar shooting pool and invited us to join them. Of course we did, what a great way to tease them! Before long, my wife was the main attraction at the table. As she was bending over the table to take her shots, every one of the guys were taking the opportunity to look at her ***. At one point there was a shot which required her to reach further than normal. As she bent over the table, her ***** was clearly visible. These guys were all going crazy, as was I. I thought I would *** in my pants!

It didn't take long for the guys to play with her, a couple of them were even fingering her ***** while I was right there. It always surprises me how bold strangers can be with your wife!

Happy hour was over and we told the guys that we would meet them later after we cleaned up and got dressed to go out dancing. Unfortunately when we met up with them later they had gotten belligerently drunk and we lost interest.

We have always hoped to recreate this scenario, but no luck so far.
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Thanks. There are photos of her on my profile if you want to see them.