Night On The Town

    My wife and I went out 1 night to this club that had a live band, it was a rockin place on the 2nd floor. She had on, what looked like a Very short skirt. Actually they were very short shorts with this white frilly material around the bottom to make it look like a skirt, very hot. Her top was white, small spaghetti straps, and had a tie string up the center. It was very low cut. The string went down the middle of her boobs to her belly. If she tied it tight you still saw the middle of her body through the string. That was the idea.  If the string wasn't tight the shirt would spread open down the middle. The looser the string got, the wider it spread open.
     After many drinks and hitting a few different places, we popped into an Irish pub that was packed. At one point, I went to the bathroom and when I came back the string was untied and this scottish guy has his hand over her shoulder and his buddy taking a picture of them.  He asked if she would take a picture and she said sure.  Since the shirt was untied,  it was spread wide open showing a LOT, and barely covering her nipples. It was really hot looking.  As the guy stood next to her for the picture and put his arm over her shoulder the entire left side slid as he pulled from her waist and slid the top sideways so her entire left nipple, boob, etc. was there as she smiled and laughed for the picture   At first, I was shocked, then got really turned on. She had a nice buzz. I pulled the 2 strings to get the shirt to come together a little, but as soon as I let go, the shirt spread again. It was so hot looking because her nipples were just barely covered, but you got aeriola and nipple shots as she talked. That was a night I will never forget. I still get hard when I think of it.
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