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Shopping With My Show-off Wife

I enjoyed going clothes shopping with my exhibitionist wife especially at this one particular women's clothing store in the local mall. This store was a favorite of ours for two reasons: it had always had a large selection of sexy outfits and the dressing room layout. The management at this store realized that they make more sales if they had a comfortable place for guys to sit and wait while the wives and girlfriends tried on their selections. This area was right outside the changing rooms and there was an spot with several mirrors where the women could come out to show their shopping companion how the outfit looked. The management also had a couple of sales associates stationed there to tell the customers how nice they looked in whatever they were wearing

So when I went to this store with the wife, we would pick out clothes that were very revealing, too small, too tight, too short, you get the idea. So she'd take our selections back into the dressing room and would try each item on then come out to where the other guys and myself were sitting to get my opinion. She would walk out wearing items like, a sheer, see-thru blouse, without wearing a bra beneath it. Or a really tight little dress with her t i t s ready to pop out. Some time's she'd try on sweaters or tops with a loose weave that let everyone see her hard nipples poking out. She would come out in mini-skirts that barely came down past her a s s and ask if I thought it was too short. I'd say "oh, it looks fine to me. dear..."

What we both enjoyed was seeing how the other guys waiting outside the dressing rooms reacted when my wife came out wearing these outfits. Some guys were very appreciative and offered polite opinions. Others just stared with their mouths hanging open. Some guys would pretend not to look, with their head turned away but their eyes were over to the side as far as they could, trying to see. Sometimes a guy's wife would catch him checking out my wife and get pissed off at him. 

The young sycopant sales girls stationed outside the dressing room area would see what my wife had on, get this wide-eyed look on their faces and sometimes just didn't know what to say.

When my wife finished trying on sexy clothes, we would pay for her new outfits then wander about the mall. My wife often wore skirts and a thong/g-string panties (or no panties).  Instead of using the escaltors, we would take the stairs, allowing guys to see up her skirt from below.

buckminster buckminster 61-65, M 21 Responses Oct 25, 2008

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I had to laugh at the other guys wives getting pissed off. Happens a lot with us.

I wish I could get my wife to do that. You are so lucky!

Super HOTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! Sure wish I could be one of the lucky guys to be there when she walks out the dressing room. I would have been glad to pay my respects to you both. Please keep sharing the great stories. Hope you will add me.

My wife loves short skirts and thongs too... we haven't tried this yet, sounds like fun!

Thnx for the comment. yeah it is lots of fun.

wow so hot please add me

good wife

Great story. If only all women knew how to get their husband's to enjoy shopping!

add me pls where is this store

Great story of fun for you both - that's always the best. have to get my wife to go shopping, maybe this weekend...

Ain't shopping with the wife great!?!

maybe we should all parade our wives in a shopping place in london! anyone interested?

great story. will visit your other storeis as well. what a sexy couple you are!!

Great fun. I hope I get to see the show someday.

i would always take my wife shopping for clothes. she was such a sexy lady and to make it so much better, she knew it! she loved the attention she would draw anywhere she went! she would always try to show a little more to anyone looking, than she should have. i guess, that was one of the many reasons i loved her so! if you're ever in san antonio, and are shopping in the malls, keep an eye out for a very tall blonde. she will get your attention with the style of walking not seen very often. she didn't shake her ***, as so many girls do, she simply strode a mild movement. if you ever saw it, you would know it was her! see how your stories make me relive my happiest memories! thanks to you all, i can see things that i've long forgotten! thank you all for being here at ep!

great story. Hope you had lots of fun afterwards.

My wife has done the same scene. I loved it and would love to make a regular event. The day, or that is, the night she did it, she brought a lot of hot energy to bed. This was the pay off for both of us. But since then, she won't repeat the scene. Even after my asking, ordering, begging and lastly whining. Wish she valued it as much as I do.

What a fun couple you two must be. I would love to be outside the next dressing area you visit!

Damn I'd love to be following you around that whole shopping trip

man! this is awesome! it would really make my day (& week & month) if i get to ogle at a hot chick willing to show off! thanks for you story, buddy!

You guys are fun!