Just A Couple Drinks

That's all it takes for her to become a different person. If we are at a party or in a bar, she always starts off quiet, but by the second drink she is ready to go. She starts joking, hugging and flirting with the men she likes. It is so exciting for me to watch her with other men - it is like i am not even there sometimes. Someday the right guy will call her bluff and push her for more than just talk - waiting to see how far he can get.
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9 Responses May 13, 2012

Same situation here. Its 2 years since this story.......has she gone any further?

Mines the same, but she:s ****** & sucked so many,its just a pity I only found out recently , but thinking about her conquests & knowing a lot of the men she ****** is also a big turn on.

my wife only needs 1 bottle of wine she cannot recall the whole night no matter what goes down

3 margaritas for her

been there never know what will happen

My wife is that way when she drinks beer, she knows how to hold her ligure tho...by the ears...lol

Nancy loves flirting and picking up men that are attractive to her... She'll flirt whether i'm with her or not and if she gets an interesting conversation going she asks me to leave.

good fun!

I live in Raleigh. Where in NC are you? What bars to you hang out at maybe we can see what happens....

Well if you like the idea talk it over with her let her know you approve if she wants to take the flirting a bit further and see what her reaction is you might just get your wish.