Wife Party's With Race Car Drivers

About two years ago the midget racers came to our town. Unbeknownst to us the race car drivers and their pit crews stayed in local hotels near a small bar which we frequented. It was a Friday night that we went to our little bar to have a relaxing beer to recover from the week. When we arrived we were surprised to see the bar was packed with people. Much to my wife's delight the bar was packed mostly with guys. We got a couple of beers and stood near the shuffleboard table to people watch and socialize. Now I look much older than my wife. I am in fact about 10 years older than her and she looks much younger than her age So when people see us out together they are not sure what our personal relationship is. I say this because when she started flirting with the guys outrageously they did not seem to have any inhibitions with me standing nearby. They flirted with her in a good-natured way so that everyone was having a lot of fun. Mainly there were three guys in particular that gave her the most attention. Of course before long the flirting turned to outright sexual suggestions. My wife asked the three guys how much they would give her to Deep Throat a beer bottle. They answered her with "how much would it cost us for a *******"? I was a little shocked by my wife's reply. She said "oh that will cost you at least about $75". For the record my wife has never done anything sexual for money she's not that kind of girl. But in this case the jaeger bombs may have convinced her otherwise. The three guys searched through their wallets trying to scrounge up $75. My wife laughed at them when the best they could come up with was $7.75. So she said "okay I will take the 7 bucks to deep throat this beer bottle. " So the guys all said yes that would be great and one of the guys took the seven dollars and put it in her cleavage being sure for his fingers to touch her breasts as he slipped the money in its place. So she swirled her juicy tongue around the tip of her beer bottle and with a good grip on it, she plunged it deep into her mouth several times while the guys jumped and clapped and whooped and hollared!! After that the night kind of wound down and we left to go home. That was a very fun night! So anyway this weekend the midget racers are back again and we are planning to go to the same bar and see what might happen. I reminded my wife about the $75 for the ******* and her response was "well that will be good for starters!" So we shall see how this turns out. I hope all those guys show up at the bar again --it's going to be very fun!
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You are very lucky to have such a sexy wife!

Hell Yes, what a woman!