Encouraging Other Guys?

When we are out I love it when my wife flirts with men. It's hard to make things happen though! Some guys are nervous with me there- I'm a big guy. Some, it seems, may think she's out of their league. But she can sometimes get guys to have a conversation with me near but they are always very polite and respectful. If she gets suggestive with them- sometimes they flee! Haha lately I've asked her to leave her wedding rings at home and tell guys I'm just a friend. She doesnt like to do that because women will hit on me then and she doesnt care for that much! Or sometimes I just don't give her a lot of attention and this gives curious guys an opening. Sometimes I will dress in shoddy clothes while she looks incredible. It makes a line between us. Bottom line-- it's hard to let other guys know that it's okay to hit on your wife.
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It is funny that you say that about men thinking she is out of their league. My wife will dance and flirt with anyone who has the balls to just try. We were out one night playing the game where I keep my distance and she makes herself look very available. Guys were not taking the bait, so finally I just started to dance with her. This young guy, kinda scrawny and not really her type, started to dance with her right in front of me. She didn't waste any time and was grinding with him hardcore on the dance floor, letting him grab her *** and even get a feel of her **** a couple of times. When they finally seperated it was closing time. She found me and noticing the looks that she got from some of the men, commented to me that, "I bet a bunch of these guys wished they would have made a move on me, cause now they know they could have had some easy ***." It just goes to show you that guys can be such wimps sometimes.

No it's not, your just not being FRIENDLY enough with them! When your out in a bar, and she's playing pool with some guy, just loudly tease her when he's shooting that she better "try harder or she's going to Loose!" So she goes over behind the pocket he's shooting at and flashes a boob! He misses, everyone laughs and they start to get the idea. You can't just sit in the corner giving them "heavy" looks. You've got to JOIN The Party and Help Create the mood. Next you encourage your wife to play her friend for buttons on her sweater. for every shot he makes she undoes a button. Every shot she makes she gets to button it back. Of course she needs to purposely loose enough times so her boobs are showing well, and then she has to pay off for losing the Game. First time he kisses her boobs. Second time she kisses his *****. Third time we all go home and ****! Make up your own rules. Easy Peasy my Friend. We've done this a zillion times. Not necessary to go in separate or pretend your not together. Oh, it's ok to, it just makes it more difficult to explain why your picture is on the mantle with your wife! LOL. It don't have to be pool, it can be darts or any other bar game. I like to reach across my wife to introduce myself to the guy sitting across from her to shake his hand, then put his hand on her ***. Ice Breaker! LOL The key is to Be friendly, semi drunk helps. She should typically wear a Button down the front blouse or sweater so that she can show more or less as suites her mood. I used to like to just send my wife on "Patrol" meaning to walk around the bar with a big smile and several buttons undone. Just seeing who was friendly and wanted to chat with her. Usually then a flash, a fondle and she'd drag him over to were I'm sitting for more drinks and going over to his house to ****! A zillion times, my Friend.

I can see where you are coming from but my wife is damn hot and really shouldn't have to try or be the one to pursue the guy. If a guy wants her than all he has to do is ask. But to think of her having to play all those games and be the aggressor is just not appealing. For her it is the hunt and flirting that makes it so exciting. It being out in the open as you suggest takes the game out of it. I know, I want the best of both worlds but I have found from her advice that if I want to talk to a pretty girl, I just talk to her and not be afraid. By the way, I never sit in a corner and give "heavy" looks. I am usually flirting and dancing with other woman after she leaves me on the dance floor and will keep my eye on her from a distance.

Don't get me wrong, your solution does sound fun, but it is not something my wife would be into.

Gawd... where do y'all live? I'd love to hit on her!
Add please.

Too old for that stuff any more my friend. Just too old.

Go to the bar separately. Sit across from her. After you've ogled her ask the bartender if she'll let you buy her a drink.Believe when she accepts the whole place will know she's approachable. She can then take it where ever you guys like.

My wife was reluctant to enter bars alone for a long time but after realizing that my presence there deters men from hitting in her she finally consented. Now it works out much better

I totally agree - nothing so hot as when your wife flirts in a bar or club. Love to watch her when she "dirty dances" with another man on the dancefloor. Love it even more when his hands wander over her body.

I'm either dumb or courageous but if the lady is attractive, she's going to receive a lot of my attention...And I ain't no big guy! Well, stature that is...

It's gotta be tough, it's so far outside of what most people would expect! Your wife looks lovely!

Thank you- and I think you're right. I would find it hard to believe myself were I to ever run across a couple like us!

My wife has come clean that she fantasizes about another man joining us, so hopefully I can get to where you guys are! I'd love to check out your sexy wife, can u add me?