She Blew My Mind

It was a warm summer day and my wife and I were sitting out by the pool talking when she just out of the blue said; "I want to **** my hair stylist". I was shocked and just looked at her and she said that the last time she was there he had touched her and rubbed his **** on her hand as he was doing her hair. I suddenly had a huge bulge in my shorts and she saw it right away. She smiled at me and said "you would like it if I did that?" I just smiled and said yes. Two days later she had an appointment set to get her hair done.

She went in and sat waiting for a few minutes and then Ken called her back. She went to the shampoo station and as he started washing her hair, he was letting his **** rest on her hand on the arm of the chair. She started to rub him with her hand while he washed her hair and they both jumped when one of the girls came back to let Ken know that she was leaving and the store would be locked. He told her to go ahead and He would finish up after this last appointment. He listened as the lock clicked on the door and finished rinsing the soap from my wife's hair. As she was getting up from the chair he was rubbing her hair with the towel to dry it and my wife leaned toward him and his arm went around her shoulders as they kissed.

He was trying to be professional and finish her hair, but could not resist the temptation of cupping her breast in his hand and he heard her let out a muffled moan. He kissed her again and immediately ran his hand under her skirt and started playing with her *****. She came all over his fingers as he finger ****** her in the back of the salon. He then bent her over the chair and threw her skirt around her waist and buried his face in her love nest. She was trying to control herself and really wanted to play with his **** but she heard his zipper on his jeans and as soon as his mouth left her juicy *****, she felt him pressing into her. He went slowly at first and she could feel the big head spreading her wide open and she let out a yelp as he popped inside her for the first time. She knew it was going to be a great **** by the size of him and wondered just how deep he would go inside her as he began stroking. 

He would push in and pull out in a slow rythym pushing about an inch deeper with each thrust and it was hurting her, but my wife was so caught up in the moment that she was in heaven. He grabbed her hips and started to **** her really fast and hard and her body was trembling all over with ******. He pounded her for about 20 minutes straight and she was covered with sweat as he filled her ***** with his ***** and she had another ****** as his **** pressed into her cervix. He was not that much longer than I am but the thickness of his **** was sending her into countless *******.    

 She was completely wiped out and weak lying over the chair with his **** still inside her. She then realized what had just happened.

She stood up as his **** popped out of her and took off for the front door, flipped the lock open and ran out to her car and headed home. 

When she came in the door she was glowing and smiled at me as I noticed her hair was still damp and had not been styled. I knew at that moment that she had ****** him and I threw her on the bed and dove between her leggs and licked away at her beautiful ***** with swollen lips and his *** all inside her. It was an awesome ******** and we ****** for a long time as she told me about it. 

I can't wait till she goes back to get her hair done again! She was a little sore from the rough ******* she got, but she also can't wait till it happens again.

We are trying to get pregnant, so I hope this works! 

(stay tuned) 

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Great story!

Your stories are great

hmmm you had a lovely ********

Love your story. You're a lucky man. More please!

just wait till you can watch.. thats even better

It'll be even better for you when she goes out with him or someone leaving you home alone waitng for her return. She may have to tie you up so you can't "play" with yourself while she's out.There you'd be helplessly waiting and wondering what all she is up to.

Nice story but...<br />
I guess your wife is a lucky woman. Most hairstylists are gay, lol