**** Out On The Beach

I love having the chance to get topless on the beach and I’m posting here because I’ve realised it makes my husband very horny when I’m topless in public- and we have great sex afterwards!
We just got back from a holiday in France. I’m pregnant and my boobs have got much bigger even though my tummy doesn’t show much yet. My bikini tops are now too small, so- I just didn’t even bother to wear them! I was looking forward to getting some sunshine on my boobs and couldn’t wait to get to the beach and get my top off.
At the beach I headed for a quiet area, but was persuaded to stay where there were quite a lot of people...not many of the women were topless and there were quite a lot of young guys around. Anyway what the hell, off came the t-shirt, off came the bra. I’m pretty sure the young French men appreciated it. I noticed a few of their girlfriends losing their tops too after I did.
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Jul 29, 2010