Cruise Stop

This happened when we were on a cruise with three other couples in the Caribbean. At one of the islands, us and two of the other couples decided to go the beach. One of the other guys suggested a topless beach and everyone was totally into it. I figured this should be good, my wife had shown her boobs to him before and I had seen his wifes but it was at night and more like flashing. With a topless beach, would get nice long opportunity as well my wife showing off her very impressive large rack. Both of the other ladies had smaller boobs, the one I had seen had perky breasts with large nipples that her husband said were always erect. We got a taxi driver and off we went. The beach had virtually no Americans from the ship that we could tell and there was some women topless but not alot. We had beers, swam and snorkled in the water. At one point, the two other women dared us to put on their bikini tops while we were in the water. Me and one of the other guys said what the hell, why not. It wasn't like there was anyone who knew us there. We put them on but they kept only their head above the water and one of them hugged her husband so we couldn't see anything. After five minutes we gave them back, if we had known better we would have kept them.

We all went on to the beach to lay out and us three guys were like, ok you can take your tops off. OMG, suddenly there were a dozen reasons why not from the two other women. I went and got some beers while they debated. When I cam back, they were still coming up with excuses and then got on my case for getting beers because not everyone had asked for them. My wife had been listening to all of this and that was enough for her to break ranks with the other women. She had kept quiet but when they were unhappy about the beer she called bullshit. She told all of them she couldn't believe they were unhappy about someone getting them a beer, worse things have happened. Then she said, listen we all wanted to go to a topless beach, here we are lets enjoy it. With that, she took off her top and told them "they are just boobs, feel free to take look at them, I am going to lay here and enjoy the beach." With that she laid on her back next to the other couples. No one said anything, the guys were in particular too busy trying not to stare but wanting to get a good look. I got to admit, it was a nice view. She has pretty large **** with at the time some decent tan lines. This helped accent her large light pink aerola. She stayed that way the rest of time until we got picked up. I was both proud of her saying screw the bullshirt and turned on by her display.
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Good girl! she sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders as well as an incredible body!

Hope you get to take her to a nude beach next.